Old English Names from Devereux - Dyer

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Devereux 166 .. .. related to Everard (Old English) brave .. Common surnames. Compare Devereux, Deveraux, and last names Devereaux, Deveaux, with the De- prefix. [Deveraux]

Dexter 167 .. "Right-handed, fortunate; woman who dyes." Common surnames, like surnames Holter, Sleeter, with the -ter suffix. .. In Old English, an occupational name .. [Dex, Dexton, Dexy]

Diamond 168 .. "Bright guardian." Unisex name. Unique. Diamond (cmp. Redmond, Raemond) ends with the familiar masculine -mond. A jewel name ..

Dick 169 .. .. Richard (Old German) "dominant ruler", was .. Common surnames, like surnames Olick, Luick, which also end with -ick. [Dickson, .. 3 more]

Dickinson 170 .. "Son of Dick." Common surname. Compare Dickinson, and last names Duncanson, Winson, with the -nson ending.

Dixon 171 .. "Son of Dick." Unique. Dixon, like Earlton, Blandon, ends with the favored masculine -on. Scottish surname transferred to first name .. [Dickson, .. 1 more]

Doane 172 .. "Low, rolling hills." Doane, like Jane, Swane, is a popular last name ending with -ane. Place name. [Doan]

Dobbs 173 Possibly Old English. Occupational name having .. Dobbs was not among 2014's Top names. See also Hobbs.

Dodge 174 .. May be related to Roger .. Uncommon as birth names, but Dod, Dodge, etc. are comparable to the more conventional Rod. [Dod, Dodgson, .. 1 more]

Draper 175 .. Occupational name .. Draper is an uncommonly used men's name, occurring regularly (Top 1%) as a surname.

Dryden 176 .. "Dry valley." Unique. Dryden, like Jaeden, Elden, ends with the favored masculine -den. Place name ..

Duarte 177 .. "Wealthy guard." A scarce children's name, Duarte is found more commonly as a surname. Variant of Edward. [Duardo]

Dudley 178 .. "People's field." Less popular today. Dudley was last recorded in 1960-1969 in the Top 1000. See also Dunley. Place name ..

Dunley 179 .. "Meadow with the hill." Uncommon. Dunley, like Manley, Brinley, ends with the favored masculine -nley. Place name. [Dunlea, Dunly, Dunnleigh, .. 4 more]

Dunstan 180 .. "Brown stone; brown hill with stones." Unusual. Dunstan (cmp. Thurstan, Rustan) ends with the favored masculine-sounding -stan. Place name .. [Dunsten, .. 2 more]

Dunton 181 .. "Hill settlement." Dunton, like Dunten, Duntz, is a common surname with the Dun- prefix. See also D'anton. Place name.

Durward 182 .. "Warder at the gate." Common surnames, like last names Godward, Heyward, with the -ward ending. Occupational name. [Derward]

Durwin 183 .. "Dear friend." Derwin, Derwyn, Durwin and Durwyn are barely found as men's names, and Derwin exists often (Upper 33%) as a surname. [Derwin, .. 2 more]

Dustin 184 .. "Brave warrior; dusty area." Popularly used, with usage of 0.0943% for Dustin and variants as boys' names in 2014. The fame of actor Dustin Hoffman .. [Dustan, Dusten, Duston, .. 2 more]

Dyer 185 .. "One who dyes." Dyer, like Thyer, Denyer, is a common surname with the -yer suffix. See also Myer. Occupational name ..

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