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Old French Names

Page 1/11. 214 Old French names of Old French origin for baby boys, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Old French names for girls.

Abelard .. "Noble strength." Made famous by the 12th-century French philosopher Pierre Abelard, who fell in love with and seduced his student Heloise ..
[Ab, Abbey, Abby, Abe, Abel, .. 1 more]

Adalhard .. "Noble strength." Adalard is the French form.
[Adal, Adalard, Adelard, Adellard]

Adolph .. "Noble, majestic wolf." French actor Adolphe Menjou ..
[Ad, Addolf, Addolph, Adolf, Adolfo, .. 8 more]

Aimery .. "King of work." French name.
[Aimerey, Aimeric, Amerey, Aymeric, Aymery, .. 1 more]

Aimon .. "Fatherland." French name ..
[Aimond, Aimone, Aymon, Haimon, Heman]

Albert .. "Noble, bright." From an Old French name, Albert, of German (Frankish) origin, brought to England by the Normans, replacing the Old English form Ăpelbeorht ..
[Abert, Adalbert, Adalbrecht, Adalberto, Adelbert, .. 22 more]

Alfonso .. Variant of Alphonse (Old German) "ready for battle" ..
[Affonso, Alfons, Alfonse, Alfonsin, Alfonsino, .. 13 more]

Algernon .. "Wearing a mustache."
[Al, Alger, Algernone, Algey, Algie, .. 3 more]

Aloysius .. "Famous warrior." Sixteen kings of France bore the French form of this name, Louis.
[Ahlois, Aloess, Alois, Aloisio, Aloisius, .. 9 more]

Alphonse .. "Ready for battle." French writer Alphonse Daudet.
[Affonso, Al, Alfie, Alfo, Alfons, .. 18 more]

Ansel .. "Follower of a nobleman." Also variant of Anselm (Old German) "God's helmet" ..
[Ancell, Ansell]

Anthony .. English form of the old Roman family name Antonius, probably of Etruscan origin ..
[Andy, Antal, Anthone, Anthoney, Anntoin, .. 27 more]

Archibald .. "Genuine, bold, brave."
[Arch, Archaimbaud, Archambault, Archer, Archibaldo, .. 8 more]

Armand .. "Soldier."
[Almando, Arman, Armande, Armando, Armani, .. 8 more]

Arnett .. "Little eagle."
[Arnat, Arnet, Arnot, Arnott, Ornet, .. 1 more]

Arnold .. "Eagle ruler."
[Arend, Arn, Arnaldo, Arnau, Arnaud, .. 16 more]

Auberon .. "Noble or royal bear." From an Old French name of German (Frankish) origin ..
[Auberron, Oberon, Oberron, Oeberon]

Aubrey .. "Elf or magical being, power." From a Norman French form of the German name Alberic ..
[Alberic, Alberich, Alberick, Alberik, Aubary, .. 10 more]

Audric .. "Old." Variant of Aldrich and Aldericus, the name of an eighth-century French saint.

Avenall .. "Oat pasture."
[Aveneil, Aveneill, Avenel, Avenell, Avenil, .. 1 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Old French names: Adolph, Albert, Alfonso, Aloysius, Alphonse, Ansel, Anthony, Archibald, Armand, Arnold, Aubrey

Adolph, Albert, Alfonso, Alphonse, Anthony, Armand, Arnold and Aubrey are commonly used names, while Abelard, Adalhard, Aimery, Aimon, Algernon, Aloysius, Ansel, Archibald, Arnett, Auberon, Audric and Avenall are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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