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Cameron - Procopio

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Cameron 1 .. Nickname of an especially valorous ancestor that became the surname of one of the oldest clans in Scotland .. A name applicable for both sexes. The name Cameron has surged in popularity as a birth name over time since 1880-1889. The variation Kameron is generally used as a form of Cameron. [Cam, Camren, Kameron, .. 6 more]

Enoch 2 .. Biblical: Enoch was the son of Cain and the father of Methuselah, the oldest living man named in the Bible .. Well-received as a boys' name (#721 the past year), Enoch is also found often as a last name. See also Emich. [Chanoch, .. 2 more]

Hampton 3 .. Hampton Beach, Virginia is the oldest English settlement in continuous existence in America, and Hampton Roads is the channel to one of the great natural harbors .. Usage of the name Hampton as a birth name has been on a downward trend over time since 1880-1889. See also Hampden. [Hampten]

Japheth 4 .. Biblical: the oldest of Noah's three sons. Atypical as a name for boys. See also Yapheth.

Procopio 5 .. The oldest restaurent in Paris, on the street of Left Bank, is called "Le Procope". Procopio is rarely used as a male name, appearing commonly (Top 19%) as a last name according to the US Census. [Procopius, .. 1 more]

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Cameron [Ron, Cam, Camry, Camren, Camron, Kamrey, Camedon, Kameron, Camaeron], Enoch [Enok, Enock, Chanoch], Hampton [Hampten], Japheth, Procopio [Procopius, Prokopios]