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Cameron - Procopio

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Cameron 1 .. .. one of the oldest clans in .. Name used for both boys and girls. The name Cameron has gained increasing favor as a given name for baby boys. The form Kameron is prevalent as a version of this name. [Cam, Camren, Kameron, .. 6 more]

Enoch 2 .. .. the oldest living man named in .. Enoch has trended downward in popularity as a birth name over the years. See also Enos. [Chanoch, .. 2 more]

Hampton 3 .. .. , Virginia is the oldest English settlement .. Usage of Hampton as a birth name for boys has decreased over time. [Hampten]

Japheth 4 .. Biblical: the oldest of Noah's three .. A rare given name. See also Japhet.

Procopio 5 .. .. The oldest restaurent in Paris, on .. Unique as a name for boys, Procopio is used more commonly as a last name. [Procopius, .. 1 more]

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[Cameron - Procopio]
Cameron [Ron, Camry, Camren, Camron, Kamrey, Kameron, Camedon, Camaeron], Enoch [Enok, Enock, Chanoch], Hampton [Hampten], Japheth, Procopio [Procopius, Prokopios]