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Opera names and what they mean, for opera, music, play, musical for males. Here is the list of Opera names for girls. Adoption of these boy names reached its most widespread in 1992 and is almost as widespread today, but with names like Roger, Lawrence, Sigmund, Terence and Radames falling out of fashion. The most fashionable boy names here are Dominic (#69), Lucian (#608), Tristan (#101), Uriel (#490) and Enrique (#414), and there is also a revival in birth name popularity for Lucian.

Amal - Blythe

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Amal 1 .. .. hero of Giancarlo Menotti's often-performed opera .. A name suited for both genders. Amal is atypical as a male name. [Amahl, Amel, .. 1 more]

Androcles 2 .. .. tale for a play about Christian .. Seldom used as a birth name for boys. [Androclus]

Apollo 3 .. .. music, and poetry, who drives the .. A common choice for a name for kids (#801 the past year), Apollo is also used often as a last name. [Apollon, Apolo, .. 1 more]

Bardolf 4 .. .. appears in four of Shakespeare's plays. Bardolf is scantly used as a male name. [Bardolph, Bardoul, Bardulph, .. 2 more]

Blythe 5 .. .. ! and Noel Coward's play Blithe Spirit. Also suitable as a girls' name. Rarely used as a birth name, Blythe is used more commonly as a last name. [Bligh, Blithe]

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[Amal - Blythe]
Amal [Amel, Amahl, Amali], Androcles [Androclus], Apollo [Apolo, Apollon, Apollos], Bardolf [Bardou, Bardoul, Bardulf, Bardolph, Bardulph], Blythe [Bligh, Blithe]

[Boniface - Percival]
Boniface [Boni, Bonifacy, Bonfecio, Bonifacio, Bonifacius], Bravo [Brahvo, Bravvo], Cyrano [Cyran], David [Davy, Davon, Daven, Davyd, Davyn, Davydd, ..], Dominic [Nick, Domino, Dominy, Dominik, Dominie, Dominique, ..], Enrique [Erico, Enrico, Errico], Finnian [Fionn, Fionan, Finnen, Fionnan, Phinean, Phinian, ..], Hal, Jazz, Jose [Pepe, Pepito, Joseito], Jubal, Largo, Lawrence [Lorin, Lorry, Loritz, Lorrenz, Lowrance, Lorrence, ..], Lothar [Lother, Lothur, Lothair, Lothario], Lucian [Lucio, Lucien, Lucjan, Lukyan, Lucianus, Lukianos], Malcolm [Malcom, Malkolm, Malcolum], Melchior [Melker, Melkior, Malkior, Malchior], Neville [Nev, Nevil, Nevile, Nevill, Nevyle], Orpheus [Orfeo, Orphie], Percival [Percy, Percey, Purcell, Perceval, Percivall, Percevall, ..]

[Peter - Yorick]
Peter [Piet, Pyotr, Piotr, Pierre, Pietro, Pieter, ..], Piper, Placido [Placyd, Placedo, Placydo, Placijo, Plasedo, Placidus], Radames, Roger [Rojay, Rutger, Rufiger, Ruttger, Ruggero, Ruggiero, ..], Samuel [Shem, Sammy, Sammie, Samwell, Samuele, Samuello], Sela [Selah], Sherill [Sherrill], Siegfried [Sigfred, Sigfrid, Sigfryd, Sigvard, Sygfried, Sigfried], Sigmund [Sigmond, Szymond, Zikmund, Zygmunt, Zsigmond, Sigismundus, ..], Simmons [Sim, Syms, Simms, Semmes, Symonds, Simmonds], Tallis [Talys, Tallys], Tancred [Tancredi, Tancredo], Tempo, Terence [Terry, Terris, Terron, Terrius, Terronce, Terrious, ..], Timon, Tristan [Tristin, Triston, Trystan, Tristyn, Tristian, Tristram, ..], Uriel, Woyzeck [Wojtek, Wozzeck, Wojciech], Yorick