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Gallatin - Trail

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Gallatin 1 .. They were probably named for Albert Gallatin, a Swiss-born American statesman of the early 19th century, but to outdoors people, the name Gallatin has connotations of the unspoiled West. Only sporadically used as a given name, Gallatin exists more commonly as a last name.

Gillies 2 .. In Scotland in Victorian times, "ghillie" was a term for a type of outdoor servant. Not often used as a birth name, Gillies is found more often as a last name. See also Giles. [Ghilles, Gilles, Gilliss, .. 2 more]

Sail 3 .. Name with connotations of the outdoors. Not consistently used as a birth name. See also Saulo.

Tahoe 4 .. The name has outdoor connotations. A birth name for males that is not predominantly used.

Trail 5 From the English word, giving connotations of the rugged outdoors, nature, and mountains. A birth name for boys that is not commonly used and is found more frequently as a surname. See also Trai. [Traill]

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Gallatin, Gillies [Gillis, Gilles, Gilliss, Ghilles, Ghillies], Sail, Tahoe, Trail [Traill]