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Physician names and what they mean, for physician, doctor for men. These boy names were at the peak of their popularity in the year 2013 and have remained as popular to this day, but with names like Galen and Moses becoming less in vogue. Cyrus (#461), Asa (#522), Damian (#102) and Luke (#28) are four of the more chic boy names here, and there is also a resurgence in baby name usage for Asa, Cyrus and Luke.

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Asa 1 .. Derived fr. Hebrew element. "Doctor, healer." Gender-neutral name. The name Asa has grown progressively more popular with parents. Biblical .. [Ase]

Caduceus 2 .. .. Hermes was the patron of doctors .. A scarce birth name.

Caesar 3 .. .. (fourth century) was physician to two .. Caesar is a rare male name, and it appears commonly (Top 7%) as a last name according to the US Census. [Caezar, Cesare, Kaiser, .. 6 more]

Caius 4 .. .. A 16th-century English physician endowed a .. Rarely used as a name for kids. [Cai, Caio, Keye, .. 4 more]

Cyrus 5 .. .. a doctor in Alexandria. Inventor Cyrus .. A very common choice for a birth name for boys (#461 the past year), Cyrus also exists often as a last name. See also Cirrus. [Ciro, .. 1 more]

Damian 6 .. .. as the patron saint of physicians .. The name Damian has gained increasing favor with parents. A name applicable for both genders. The form Damien is familiar as a version of Damian. [Daemon, Daimen, Damen, Damianos, Damion, .. 14 more]

Galen 7 .. .. a second-century Greek physician whose research .. Also used as a girls' name. Usage of Galen for boys has waned over the years. The forms Jaylen and Gaylon are generally used as versions of this name. [Gaelan, Galeno, Gaylen, Gaylon, Jalon, .. 10 more]

Luke 8 .. .. , called "the beloved physician" and is .. The name Luke has become progressively more popular with parents. The variations Lukas, Lucien and Luc are widely used as forms of Luke. [Loukas, Lucas, Lucio, Lucky, .. 7 more]

Moses 9 .. .. was the court physician of Saladin .. Moses is frequently occurring (Top 39%) as a given name, occurring often (Top 1%) as a surname according to the US Census. The form Moises is common as a variation of this name. [Mioshe, Moe, Mose, Mosiah, Moss, .. 10 more]

Tabib 10 .. Stems fr. Turkish word. "Doctor." A scarce birth name for boys. See also Talib. [Tabeeb]

Welby 11 .. .. 1970s about a doctor named Marcus .. Rare as a given name, Welby is found more frequently as a last name. See also Kelby. [Welbey, Welbie, .. 2 more]

Wistar 12 .. .. was a prominent doctor in late 18 .. A name suitable for both genders. Wistar is an infrequently used male name. [Wister]

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Asa [1], Caduceus, Caesar [9], Caius [7], Cyrus [2], Damian [19], Galen [15], Luke [11], Moses [15], Tabib [1], Welby [4], Wistar [1]