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Physician names

12 Physician baby names and what they mean, for physician, doctor.

These boy names were at the peak of their popularity in 2014 (usage of 0.9%), except for names like Moses which have become less in vogue. Cyrus (#461), Damian (#102) and Luke (#28) are three of the more chic boy names here.

Asa - Wistar

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Physician names: Asa, Caesar, Caius, Cyrus, Damian

From Hebrew language. "Doctor, healer." Asa is familiar as a version. Biblical .. [Ase]

.. the patron of doctors, it has .. Carduceus and Chaduceus are kreatif forms.

.. (fourth century) was physician to two .. Popular as last names, and Cesar (top 7%), var. are similar to popular last names Cossar (top 67%), Cisar (26%), which also end with -sar. [Caezar, Casar, .. 7 more]

.. 16th century English physician endowed a .. Caius, Keye, etc. became more trendy in 2014, gaining +113 rankings as children's names with Caius rising the most. [Cai, Caio, Kay, Kaye, Keyes, .. 2 more]

.. century saint, a doctor in Alexandria .. Cyrus is a common (upper 65%) given name, whereas Ciro and Cy are rare. [Ciro, .. 1 more]

.. as the patron saint of physicians .. Damian has grown progressively more popular as a birth name since 1880-1889. [Daemon, Daimon, Daman, Damianos, Damianus, Damon, Damyen, Demyan, .. 11 more]

.. second century Greek physician whose research .. Slightly atypical as a children's name, Galen occurs more often as a surname. [Gaelan, Gaillen, Galan, Gaylen, Gaylinn, Gaylon, Jalen, Jaylen, .. 7 more]

.. called "the beloved physician" and is .. Luke has increased in prominence as a children's name since 1940-1949. [Loukas, Lucas, Lucian, Lucien, Lucio, Lucius, Lucky, Lukas, .. 3 more]

.. was the court physician of Saladin .. Adoption of Moses, Moss, etc. as baby names in 2014 was up 2.5% compared to the previous year. [Mioshe, Mo, Moe, Mosie, .. 11 more]

Origin fr. Turkish element. "Doctor." Tabib and Tabeeb were not among 2014's Top names. [Tabeeb]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Physician names: Galen, Luke, Moses, Welby

.. 1970s about a doctor named Marcus .. Welby, Welbie, etc. are barely found as male names, and Welby appears frequently (top 27%) as a last name. [Welbey, Wellbey, .. 2 more]

.. was a prominent doctor in late .. Not in popularity charts. [Wister]

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Index of all Physician names [and variants] for boys.

1. Asa - Wistar
Asa [Ase], Caduceus, Caesar [Cesar, Casar, Sezar, Cezar, Seasar, Kaiser, Cesare, Cesaro], Caius [Kay, Cai, Caio, Kaye, Keys, Keye, Keyes], Cyrus [Cy, Ciro], Damian [Damon, Damyen, Damyan, Damyon, Dayman, Demyan, Daymon, Daymian, ..], Galen [Jalen, Jalon, Jalin, Gaylin, Jaylon, Gaylon, Jaylen, Gaylinn, ..], Luke [Luck, Lucio, Lukas, Lucky, Lucian, Lucien, Lucius, Lukacs, ..], Moses [Moss, Moshe, Mozes, Mosie, Moyses, Mosheh, Mosiah, ..], Tabib [Tabeeb], Welby [Welbie, Wellby, Welbey, Wellbey], Wistar [Wister]