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Pioneer Names

9 Pioneer names and what they mean, for pioneer for baby boys, listing 1-9. Bennett, Chuck, Cornell and Jonah are commonly used names, while Eastman, Edsel, Ford, Gifford and Goldwin are rare in comparison. Here is the list of Pioneer names for girls.

Bennett .. Aviation pioneer Floyd Bennett.
[Benet, Benett, Bennet, Benoit]

Chuck .. Aviation pioneer Colonel Chuck Yaeger.

Cornell .. Cornell University, in Ithaca NY, was founded by 19th-century telegraph pioneer Ezra Cornell ..
[Cornall, Cornel, Corney]

Eastman .. Photography pioneer George Eastman.

Edsel .. Automotive pioneer Edsel Ford.

Ford .. Automotive pioneer Henry Ford.
[Forde, Forden, Fordon]

Gifford .. American conservation pioneer Gifford Pinchot.
[Giffard, Gifferd, Gyfford]

Goldwin .. Film pioneer Samuel Goldwyn.
[Goldewin, Goldewyn, Goldwinn, Goldwyn, Goldwynn]

Jonah .. Medical pioneer Jonas Salk.
[Jonas, Jonasco]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Pioneer names: Bennett, Chuck, Cornell, Edsel, Ford, Jonah

Featured categories: adventurer, ancestor, astronaut, engineer, explorer, frontiersman, guide, lead, leader, messenger, pilgrim, point, sailor, settler, traveler, voyager.

Cortez .. Historical: surname of the Spanish explorer and adventurer Hernando Cortes (16th century) who with a small expeditionary force conquered the Aztec civilization of Mexico.
[Cortes, Kortes, Kortez]

Aage .. "Ancestor." ..

Alan .. Astronaut Alan Shepard ..
[Ailean, Ailin, Al, Alain, Alair, .. 20 more]

Ace .. This may derive from the Latin "as", the name of a coin of low value ..
[Acee, Acer, Acey, Acie]

Cornwallis .. Famous English general in the revolutionary War George Cornwallis lost the battle of Yorktown to Washington and Lafayette, but was later more successful putting down other colonial rebellions in India and Ireland.

Casey .. Made famous by the song about the engineer of the Cannonball Express train, Casey Jones ..
[Cace, Cacey, Case, Cayce, Caycey, .. 1 more]

Amerigo .. The US, founded on the principle of home rule, took its nickname of "America" from Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci.
[America, Americo, Americus, Amerika, Ameriko, .. 1 more]

Austin .. In America, the name carries Western association due to Stephen Austin, a frontiersman and one of the founders of the Republic of Texas ..
[Austen, Austyn, Ostin, Ostyn, Ostynn]

Carson .. In America, legendary Missouri frontiersman Kit Carson (19th century) was a scout and guide in the exploration of the West as well as an important factor in the Mexican War ..
[Carsan, Carsen, Cason, Karson, Kason]

Antonio .. This form is even more popular than Antoine, likely due to the number of Spanish-speaking immigrants to America ..
[Antino, Antolin, Antonito, Anton, Antonello, .. 3 more]

Joshua .. He was appointed by God to lead the Israelites after the death of Moses ..
[Jehoshua, Josh, Joshuah, Joss, Josua, .. 4 more]


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