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Playing Names

2 Playing names related to or that mean playing for boys, listing Playing baby names 1-2. Ace and Odysseus are uncommon names. View Playing baby names below for name meanings.

Ace ... Connotations of superiority come from the fact that ace is the playing card with highest face value ...
[Acee, Acer, Acey, Acie]

Odysseus ... Odysseus was known for his eloquence and his talent for playing tricks ...

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Playing names: Ace

Related words: business, gambling, ham, performance, play. Partial list of 18 results related to playing below. Click on above related words for more results.

Sanford ... Place name. Acting teacher Sanford Meisner.
[Sandford, Sandfurd]

Bert ... Its popularity among show-business types of a certain age (Miss America emcee Bert Parks; actors Burt Lancaster, Burt Reynolds) gives it a jaunty, masculine connotation.
[Bertie, Bertin, Berto, Berty, Burt, ... 2 more]

Gamble ...
[Gamblen, Gambling, Gamel, Gammel, Gamlin]

Trey ... The name derives from the world of gaming ...
[Trai, Traye, Tre]

Ham ...

Ram ... Mythology: as the seventh incarnation of Vishnu ...
[Rahm, Rama, Ramos]

Bravo ... The exclamation that accompanies a brilliant performance ...
[Brahvo, Bravvo]

Androcles ... Shaw later used this tale for a play about Christian faith.

Longfellow ... whose skill and romantic portrayal of early American history made him a much-loved American poet in the 19th century.

Mercator ... the 16th-century cartographer whose projection for a world map was useful to navigators.

Waverley ... "Meadow of quivering aspens." ...
[Waverlee, Waverley]


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