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Polish baby names and what they mean, for polish, poland, with 10 results. These boy names were at the apex of their popularity in 2010 and are almost as common today. Balas (TOP 12%) and Bilas (48%) are conventional last names.

Polish names

Bialas - Zarek

"White-haired child." Popular as last name. Compare Bialas (TOP 18%) and popular -las last names Bilas (TOP 48%), Barlas (38%). See also Beals.

"Mighty, warlike." Bolevar, Bolivar and Bollivar are barely found as male names, and Bolivar exists commonly (UPPER 8%) as a last name. The revolutionary Simon Bolivar (19th century) ..

"A strong man." Not in popularity charts. Variant of Andrew.

Variant of George (Greek) "farmer" .. Rare as a boys' name, but Jerzy is similar to the more common Jerry. See also Jerk.


"Bold advisor." Adoption of Konrad and variants as birth names in 2016 was up 24.3% compared to a decade ago. Variant of Conrad (Old German) courageous ..

"Great love." Lamomir and Liomir are creative variations.

"Glorious people." Rather quaint as a boys' name.


Variant of Mark. A familiar baby name (#1550 IN LATEST RANKINGS), Marek is also used often as a surname. See also Zarek.

Likely derived from the Farsi elements .. Melchor is a slightly favored birth name.


Nickname or short form of Belshazzar .. Zarek is an uncommon first name, existing commonly (TOP 38%) as a last name. See also Garek.

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1. Bialas - Zarek
Bialas, Bolivar, Jedrek, Jerzy, Konrad, Lubomir, Ludoslaw, Marek, Melchior, Zarek

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