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Pond Names

4 Pond names related to or that mean pond for boys, listing Pond baby names 1-4. Ellesmere, Locke, Newlin and Walden are uncommon names. View Pond baby names below for name meanings.

Ellesmere ... "Ellis' pond." Mere is related to the word "marine" that came to mean a pond or a swamp.

Locke ... "Woods; fortified place; pond." ...
[Lock, Lockwood]

Newlin ... "New pond." ...

Walden ... Literary: Thoreau's book and the pond "Walden".
[Waldenn, Waldi, Waldon]

Related words: lake, pool. Partial list of 16 results related to pond below. Click on above related words for more results.

Arledge ... "Lake with the hares." ...
[Arlidge, Arlledge, Arrledge]

Linn ...
[Lin, Linnie, Lyn, Lynn]

Marden ... "The valley with the pool." ...
[Mardel, Mardon, Mardyn]

Raleigh ... who is supposed to have spread his cape over a puddle so she could cross with dry feet ...
[Ralegh, Rawleigh, Rawley, Rawly]

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