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Power Names

Page 1/2. 36 Power names and what they mean, for power for baby boys, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Power names for girls.

Amerigo .. Italian form of the Germanic name Amalric, from amal meaning "work" and rīc meaning "rule, power" ..
[America, Americo, Americus, Amerika, Ameriko, .. 1 more]

Amory .. "Brave power." ..
[Aimory, Amery, Amorey, Amry]

Aubrey .. "Elf or magical being, power." ..
[Alberic, Alberich, Alberick, Alberik, Aubary, .. 10 more]

Austin .. The "Austin Powers" movies, though, have probably disqualified it from use for a whole generation of future parents.
[Austen, Austyn, Ostin, Ostyn, Ostynn]

Blaise .. Saint Blasius (fourth century) is supposedly endowed with miraculous healing power, and is the patron of sufferers from sore throats ..
[Blais, Blaisdell, Blaize, Blase, Blayze, .. 1 more]

Broderick .. Also possibly (Old German) "famous power" ..
[Brod, Broddy, Broder, Broderic, Brodric, .. 6 more]

Caesar .. Due to his fame and power, Caesar then became the title of the Roman emperors with the meaning "ruler", and led to Russian Tsar (see Czar) and German Kaiser ..
[Caezar, Casar, Cesar, Cesare, Cesaro, .. 4 more]

Caleb .. Biblical: Caleb, a companion of Moses and Joshua, was noted for his astute powers of observation and fearlessness in the face of overwhelming odds ..
[Cal, Cale, Cayleb, Kaleb, Kayleb, .. 1 more]

Cyrus .. Historical: Cyrus the Great (fifth century BC) conquered Babylon at the height of its powers and founded the Persian Empire ..
[Ciro, Cy]

Daivat .. "Power, strength."

Easton .. Also possibly from an Old English phrase meaning "island of stones", or from the Old English names Aefric meaning "magical power", or Athelric meaning "noble power".

Edric .. From źad meaning "riches" and rīc meaning "power, rule" ..
[Eddrick, Ederic, Ederick, Edrich, Edrick, .. 1 more]

Emery .. "Brave power." Transferred use of the surname, originally from amal meaning "bravery" and rīc meaning "rule, power", which became used in forms like Amauri and Emauri ..
[Amerigo, Amery, Amory, Em, Emerey, .. 7 more]

Eric .. From ei meaning "ever, always" (or einn "one, alone") and rķkr meaning "rule, power" ..
[Aeric, Aerick, Aerric, Aerrick, Aerricko, .. 26 more]

Fenris Scandinavian mythology: Fenris was a giant wolf who had the power to threaten the gods.

Frederick .. From fred or frid meaning "peace", and rīc meaning "power, ruler" ..
[Eric, Erich, Erick, Erico, Erik, .. 36 more]

Henry .. From haim meaning "home" and rīc meaning "power, ruler" ..
[Arrigo, Enrico, Enrikos, Enrique, Enzio, .. 23 more]

Hiram .. Biblical: the king of Tyre, friendly to King David and King Solomon Sculptor Hiram Powers.
[Hi, Hirom, Hy, Hyram, Hyrum]

Joseph .. Biblical: the son of Jacob who, sold by his brothers into slavery, rose to become a supreme power in Egypt ..
[Che, Giuseppe, Giuseppino, Iosef, Iosep, .. 38 more]

Kano .. "One's masculine power, capability."

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Power names: Aubrey, Austin, Blaise, Broderick, Caesar, Caleb, Cyrus, Easton, Emery, Eric

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Power names: Frederick, Henry, Hiram, Joseph

Aubrey, Austin, Broderick, Caleb, Cyrus, Emery, Eric, Frederick, Henry, Hiram and Joseph are commonly used names, while Amerigo, Amory, Blaise, Caesar, Daivat, Easton, Edric, Fenris and Kano are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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