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Powerful Names

Page 1 of 2. 29 Powerful names related to or that mean powerful for boys, listing Powerful baby names 1-20. Charles, Douglas, Julian and Otto are popular names. Ainsley, Amir, Archard, Aziz, Barclay, Edric, Emmet, Ewald, Gideon, Grimaldo, Ingemar, Kedar, Macdonald, Mather, Plantagenet and Powhatan are uncommon names. View Powerful baby names below for name meanings or search Powerful names for girls.

Ainsley ... which is borne by a powerful family long established in the Scottish borders.
[Ainslee, Ainsleigh, Ainslie, Ansley, Aynslee, ... 2 more]

Amir ... Term for a high-ranking and powerful official in many different capacities in the Muslim world.
[Ameer, Ameir, Amer, Amiran, Amiri, ... 2 more]

Archard ... "Holy, powerful."

Aziz ... "The All-Powerful." ...

Barclay ... His descendants became one of the most powerful families in Scotland ...
[Bar, Barcley, Barklay, Barkley, Barklie, ... 8 more]

Charles ... meaning "Charles the Great") was a powerful German leader who created a more ordered society out of the chaos that followed the fall of Rome ...
[Carel, Carl, Carlo, Carlos, Carrol, ... 22 more]

Douglas ... Place name. Historical: there were two branches of this powerful Scottish clan and family - the Black Douglases and the Red Douglases ...
[Doug, Douglass, Dugaid]

Edric ... "Rich and powerful." ...
[Eddrick, Ederic, Ederick, Edrich, Edrick, ... 1 more]

Emmet ... Also possibly derived from Old German meaning "energetic, powerful" ...
[Emmett, Emmit, Emmitt, Emmot, Emmott]

Ewald ... "Law-powerful." ...
[Evald, Evaldo, Euell, Ewell]

Gideon ... "Feller of trees; powerful warrior." ...
[Gideone, Gidi, Gidon, Hedeon]

Grimaldo ... "Powerful protector." ...

Ingemar ... Norse mythology: Ing was a powerful god of fertility and peace ...
[Ing, Ingamar, Ingemur, Ingmar]

Julian ... the family clan name of several of the most powerful Roman emperors ...
[Jolyon, Jules, Juliano, Julianus, Julien, ... 3 more]

Kedar ... "Powerful."
[Kadar, Keder]

Macdonald ... The McDonalds were a powerful Scottish clan.

Mather ... "Powerful army." ...
[Maither, Matther]

Otto ... Common in English-speaking countries until Otto von Bismarck's German armies became threateningly powerful in the early 20th century ...
[Odis, Odo, Ot, Ota, Otha, ... 5 more]

Plantagenet ... Literary: Victorian novelist Anthony Trollope named his powerful English duke "Plantagenet Palliser".

Powhatan ... who was once a powerful chieftain in Virginia.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Powerful names: Amir, Charles, Douglas, Emmet, Ewald, Gideon, Julian, Otto

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