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President baby names and what they mean, for president, with 80 results. These boy names were at the top of their popularity 135 years ago (ADOPTION OF 38.7%) and are now significantly less conventional (ADOPTION 7.9%, 79.5%), with names like Johnson becoming less in vogue. The most trendy birth names in this compilation are Abraham (#170), Benjamin (#10), Carter (#24), Harrison (#119) and Lincoln (#66), while Noxon (TOP 28%) and Horrison (80%) are familiar last names.

President names

Aaron - Dwight | Eamon - Husni | Hussein - Odysseus | Oswald - Zachary

Aaron - Dwight

.. American Vice President Aaron Burr; baseball .. Amron is also a moderately popular baby name. [Ronny, Ron, Haroun, Ayron, Arron, Aronne, Arek, Aharon, Aaronas, .. 28 more]

.. Abraham Lincoln was president and even .. Common as surnames, and Abraham (TOP 1%), Bram (20%), etc. are similar to popular last names Ibraham (TOP 52%), Afram (79%), which also end with -am. [Ibrahim, Ebrahim, Bram, Brahm, Abramo, Abie, Abey, Abarran, Ab, .. 13 more]

.. American Presidents Andrew Jackson and Andrew .. Adem, Aindrea, Aindreas, Analu and Andie are more rare as variations of Andrew. [Ondrey, Ondre, Mandrew, Drew, Dandy, Andy, Andruw, Andros, Andrews, Andres, .. 39 more]

.. famous by Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. Gender-neutral name. Adoption of Anwar grew in 2005.

.. American President Barack Obama. Barack, like the similar-sounding Birk, occurs more usually as a surname. [Barrak, .. 1 more]

.. The liberal, scholarly President on the .. Bartlet, Bartlett and Bartlitt are barely found as men's names. [Bartlitt, .. 1 more]

.. American President Benjamin Harrison; jazz musician .. Common, with usage of 0.74% for Benjamin and variants as boys' names in 2015, but lower than 0.744% a year ago. [Yemin, Yamin, Binyamino, Bibi, Benyamino, Benyamin, Benny, Benno, Benjimen, Benjie, .. 19 more]

.. by Jefferson's Vice President Aaron Burr .. Less used today. Burr last appeared in the 1920s in the Top 2000. See also Barra.

.. was an influential president of Columbia .. Butler (top 1%) and Buttler (13%) exist commonly as last names. [Buttler]

.. American statesman, Vice President under Andrew .. Slightly unusual as a baby name, Calhoun is found more often as a last name. [Colquhoun, .. 2 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of President names: Aaron, Abraham, Andrew, Anwar, Benjamin

Top 2000 baby names ranking of President names: Burr, Butler, Calhoun, Calvin, Carter

Top 2000 baby names ranking of President names: Charles, Chester, Cleveland, Clinton, Davis

Top 2000 baby names ranking of President names: Delano, Donald, Dwight

.. American President Calvin Coolidge; composer Calvin .. Adoption of Calvin, Cal, etc. as boys' names in 2015 was up 6.6% compared to the year before. [Vinnie, Cal, .. 2 more]

Former President Jimmy Carter; football player .. Popular, with usage of 0.569% for Carter and variants as birth names in 2015, higher than 0.563% the previous year. [Cartrell, .. 1 more]

.. French president Charles de Gaulle; author .. Carel, Charleson, Charlot, Chick and Karel are more unique as variant forms of Charles. [Karoly, Chip, Charlton, Charls, Chad, Carroll, Carlos, .. 20 more]

.. President Chester Arthur; newscaster Chet Huntley. Used frequently as baby names, Chess, Chester, etc. sound like the popular Chas. [Chet, .. 2 more]

.. named after American President Grover Cleveland .. Cleveland is a commonly occurring (top 45%) male name. [Clevon, .. 5 more]

.. American President Bill Clinton; actor Clint .. Somewhat common as boys' names, Clinton, Clintt, etc. are comparable to the popular Clifton. [Klint, .. 2 more]

.. Confederate President Jefferson Davis; actor Brad .. Conventional, with usage of 0.049% for Davis and variants as children's names in 2015, though lower than 0.057% the previous year. [Dayton, Dayson, Davy, Davies, Davidson, Dave, .. 3 more]

.. American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Delano is a rarely used masculine name, existing frequently (upper 4%) as a last name. See also Delane.

.. US President Donald Trump; singer Donny .. Somewhat common as children's names, Donald and Donnell are similar to the common Ronald. [Donnell]

.. presidents, and by President Dwight David .. Adoption of Dwight as a boys' name in 2015 was 20.6% less than the previous year.

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Summary Index of President names [and variants] for boys.

1. Aaron - Dwight
Aaron [Ron, Ronny, Haroun, Ronnie, ..], Abraham [Bram, Brahm, Ebrahim, Ibrahim, ..], Andrew [Ondrei, Ondrej, Ohnrey, Ondrey, ..], Anwar, Barack [Barak, Barrak], Bartlet [Bartlett, Bartlitt], Benjamin [Yemin, Yamin, Yamino, Venyamin, ..], Burr, Butler [Buttler], Calhoun [Colhoun, Callhoun, Colquhoun], Calvin [Cal, Kalvin, Vinnie, Calvino], Carter [Cartier, Cartrell], Charles [Karol, Karoly, Karolik, Karolek, ..], Chester [Chet, Chess, Cheston], Cleveland [Cleon, Cleve, Clevon, Cleavland, ..], Clinton [Klint, Clint, Clintt], Davis [Davy, Daviss, Dayson, Dayton, ..], Delano, Donald [Donnell], Dwight

Eamon [Eames, Eaman, Eamann, Eamonn, ..], Fargo, Ferdinand [Nandy, Nando, Hernan, Hernando, ..], Fidel [Fido, Fidelo, Fidelix, Fidello, ..], Francis [Pancho, Paquito, Panchito, Proinsias, ..], Franklin [Frank, Franklyn, Franklynn, Franklinn, ..], Gamaliel [Gmali, Gamliel], Garfield [Gary, Garry], George [Ygor, Yuri, Yuriy, Yurik, ..], Gerald [Jerri, Jerry, Jerold, Jerrold, ..], Grant [Grantham, Grantley], Grover, Hamlin [Hamlyn, Hamlen, Hamblin, Hamelin], Harding [Hardinge], Harrison [Harris, Harriss, Harrisson], Harry [Hal, Harrie, Heimrich], Hayes [Hays], Herbert [Herbie, Herberto, Heribert, Heriberto, ..], Hubert [Hugh, Hubie, Uberto, Ulberto, ..], Husni [Hosni]

Hussein [Husain, Husayn, Husein, Hussain], Jackson [Jax, Jaxen, Jaxon, Jaxson, ..], James [Jimbo, Jimmy, Seamus, Jimmie, ..], Jefferson [Jeffie, Jeffey, Jeffers, Jeffersson], John [Zane, Vanya, Yanno, Yanni, ..], Johnson [Jonson, Johnston], Kennedy [Canady, Kenedi, Kennady, Kennedey], Kenyatta, Kwame [Kwami, Kwamina], Lincoln [Linc, Link], Lyndon [Lynden, Lyndale, Lyndell, Lyndall, ..], Mackinley [Mckinley, Mckinlay, Mackinlay], Madison [Maddy, Madyson, Madisyn, Madisson], Martin [Marty, Marton, Martyn, Morten, ..], Millard [Milward, Millerd, Millward], Monroe [Monro, Munro, Munroe], Nelson [Nils, Niles, Nilson, Nilsson, ..], Nixon, Obama, Odysseus [Odysse]

Oswald [Ozzy, Oswin, Ozzie, Waldo, ..], Prescott [Prescot, Prestcot, Prestcott], Quincy [Quin, Quinsy, Quincey], Rhodes [Rodas, Rhoads, Rhodas], Richard [Ryszard, Ritchyrd, Ritsherd, Ritshard, ..], Ronald [Ronn, Ronny, Ronnie, Ronello, ..], Roosevelt, Rutherford [Rutherfurd], Spiridon [Spiro, Spiros, Spyros, Spyridon, ..], Taft, Taylor [Tayler, Zailor, Zaylor, Zaylour, ..], Theodore [Tudor, Todor, Theodosios, Theodosius, ..], Thomas [Tommy, Tommey, Tommie, Tommaso, ..], Truman [Trumann, Trueman, Trumaine], Warren [Ware, Waring, Warrin, Warriner], Washington, William [Wim, Wilmot, Wilson, Wilmott, ..], Wilson [Willson], Woodrow [Woody], Zachary [Zak, Zakari, Zakary, Zackery, ..]

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