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Prophet names and what they mean, for prophet, messenger, oracle.

These boy names were at the top of their popularity in 2014 (usage of 0.4477%), except for names such as Amos, Elisha and Hosea which have become less stylish. The most fashionable boy names in this list are Deacon (#421), Ezekiel (#181), Ezra (#119), Muhammad (#399) and Uriah (#506), and there is also a resurgence in baby name popularity for Ezekiel and Ezra. Ingel (top 76%) and Gabrel (100%) are conventional surnames.

Here is the list of Prophet names for girls.

Ahmed - Evan

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Prophet names: Ahmed, Ali, Amos, Angel, Apollo

Ahmed 1 .. .. names of the prophet Muhammad, and .. Almed, Armed and Ashmed are kreatif variations. [Achmad, Achmed, Ahmad, Amad, Amahd, Amed, .. 5 more]

Ali 2 .. .. name of the Prophet Muhammad's cousin .. Popular, with the -li ending for Ali like Amali. [Alia]

Amos 3 .. The prophet (eighth century BC) who .. Prominent. Amos, like Alfeos, ends with the masculine -os. [Am, .. 1 more]

Angel 4 .. Derived fr. Greek. "Messenger; messenger of God." Listed in Top 1000. .. God to men as His messengers .. [Andjelko, Angell, Ohngel, Ohnjel, .. 14 more]

Apollo 5 .. .. through the famous oracle at Delphi .. Popular. Apollo, Apolo (cf. Agnolo) ends with the masculine-sounding -lo. [Apollon, .. 2 more]

Baptist 6 .. .. The Christian prophet John the Baptist .. Not in Top 1000. [Babtysta, Battiste, Bautista, .. 2 more]

Bedell 7 .. Stems fr. Old French element. "Messenger." Unusual. Bedell, like Brunell, has the -ell ending. A somewhat unusual surname. [Bedall]

Benjamin 8 .. .. pediatrician and oracle Benjamin Spock; British .. Listed in Top 1000. [Ben, Beniamino, Benjaman, Benjamino, Benjamon, Benjie, Benjiman, Benn, Benyamin, Bibi, .. 19 more]

Bilal 9 .. .. name of the prophet Muezzin who .. Not in popularity charts. See also Bidal.

Botolf 10 .. From Old English language. "Messenger wolf." Outside Top 1000. An obscure English saint in the .. [Botolff, Botulph, .. 2 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Prophet names: Benjamin, Bilal, Daniel, David, Deacon

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Prophet names: Eli, Elijah, Elisha, Evan

Currier 11 .. .. be derived from "courier", or messenger. Not in popularity charts. [Currie, .. 1 more]

Daniel 12 .. The prophet and writer of the .. Ranked in Top 1000. [Dan, Danal, Danek, Danell, Dani, Danial, Danil, Dannel, Danny, Danya, .. 10 more]

David 13 .. .. poet, soldier, statesman, prophet, and king .. Ranked in Top 1000. [Daffy, Davey, Davi, Davide, Daviel, Davies, .. 16 more]

Deacon 14 .. Based on Greek element. "messenger." Prominent, with the -on ending for Deacon, Deecon, Deekon like Dunton. A deacon is a ministerial assistant .. [Deakin, Dekel, Diakonos, .. 4 more]

Delphin 15 .. .. Delphi, home of a famous oracle .. Not in popularity charts. [Delfin, Delphino, Delvin, .. 5 more]

Ebenezer 16 .. .. up by the prophet Samuel to .. Not Top 1000 names. [Eb, Ebenezar, Eveneser, .. 7 more]

Eli 17 .. .. who brought up the prophet Samuel .. Ranked in Top 1000. [Elie, Heli, .. 3 more]

Elijah 18 .. .. was a great prophet of Israel .. Prevalent. Elijah, Eljah, like Elishah, uses the androgynous-sounding -ah ending. [Eli, Elie, Elija, Eliyahu, Elliot, Elyott, Lige, .. 8 more]

Elisha 19 .. .. and successor to the prophet Elijah. Ranked in Top 1000. [Eleisha, Elisee, Eliso, Lisha, Yelisei, .. 4 more]

Evan 20 .. .. which means "good messenger" in Greek .. Listed in Top 1000. [Euan, Euen, Evin, Evo, Ewan, Ewy, Van, .. 8 more]

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Summary of Prophet names (and variants) for boys.

Ahmed - Evan
Ahmed [Amad, Amed, Ahmet, Ahmod, Amadi, Amahd, ..], Ali [Alia], Amos [Am, Amoss], Angel [Onjel, Ohngel, Onnjel, Ohnjel, Onjello, Onnjelo, ..], Apollo [Apolo, Apollon, Apollos], Baptist [Babtysta, Baptiste, Battista, Battiste, Bautista], Bedell [Bedall], Benjamin [Jamin, Yemin, Yamin, Yamino, Veniamin, Venyamin, ..], Bilal, Botolf [Botulf, Botolff, Botolph, Botulph], Currier [Curry, Currie], Daniel [Danny, Danya, Danyal, Danyel, Deiniol, Dantrell, ..], David [Davy, Davon, Daven, Davyd, Davyn, Davydd, ..], Deacon [Deke, Dekel, Dekle, Deecon, Deekon, Diakonos], Delphin [Delvin, Delphino, Delfinos, Delfinus, Delphinos, Delphinus, ..], Ebenezer [Ebenzer, Ebeneser, Eveneser, Ebenezar, Evenezer, Ebeneezer, ..], Eli [Ely, Elie, Eloi, Eloy, Heli], Elijah [Ely, Lige, Ellis, Elyot, Elliot, Elyott, ..], Elisha [Lisha, Eliso, Eliseo, Elishah, Elisher, Yelisei, ..], Evan [Van, Ewy, Evyn, Ewan, Ewen, Owen, ..]

Ezekiel - Phineas
Ezekiel [Zeke, Haskel, Iezekiel, Ezequiel, Jesekijel, Yechezkel, ..], Ezra [Azur, Esra, Ezer, Ezri, Ezrah, Esdras], Gabriel [Gay, Gavril, Jabril, Jibril, Gavriel, Gavrilo, ..], Habakkuk [Habacuc, Habbakuk], Hermes [Ermes, Hermus, Hermite, Hermilo], Hosea [Hoshea, Hoseia, Hosheia], Idris, Isaiah [Isia, Isiah, Isais, Iziah, Issiah, Izaiah, ..], Jeremiah [Jerry, Jermyn, Jeremy, Yeremia, Yeremiya, Yeremiyah, ..], Joel [Yoel, Joell], Malachi [Maleki, Malakia, Malakie, Malechy, Malequi, Malaquias, ..], Mercury [Mercure, Mercuree, Mercurey], Micah [Mike, Mikey, Mikal, Mycah], Michelangelo, Muhammad [Mohamed, Muhamet, Mohamet, Mohammed, Muhammed, Mohammad, ..], Nathan [Nat, Nate, Natan, Nathen, Nathon], Nehemiah [Nechemya, Nechemia, Nechemiah], Nuncio [Nunzio], Obadiah [Obie, Oved, Obed, Obediah, Ovadiah, Ovadiach, ..], Phineas [Pincas, Pinkus, Pincus, Pinhas, Pinchas, Pinchos, ..]

Samuel - Zephaniah
Samuel [Shem, Sammy, Sammie, Samwell, Samuele, Samuello], Sayid [Syed, Saiyid, Sayeed], Triton, Uriah [Yuri, Urias, Yuria, Urija, Uriyah, Urijah, ..], Zachariah [Zeke, Zakery, Zekariah, Zekeriah, Zechariah, Zecheriah, ..], Zephaniah [Zeph, Zephan]