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Prophet Names

Page 1/3. 43 Prophet names and what they mean, for prophet, messenger, oracle for baby boys, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Prophet names for girls.

Ahmed .. One of the many names of the prophet Muhammad, and popular with American Muslims ..
[Achmad, Achmed, Ahmaad, Ahmad, Ahmet, .. 5 more]

Ali .. Ali was the name of the Prophet Muhammad's cousin and son-in-law, known as the first male convert to Islam ..

Amos .. Biblical: the prophet (eighth century BC) who wrote the book of Amos ..
[Am, Amoss]

Angel .. (Greek) "Messenger; Messenger of God." .. Biblical: name for the spirit creatures sent by God to men as His messengers ..
[Andjelko, Ange, Angelino, Angell, Angelmo, .. 13 more]

Apollo .. Mythology: the Greek and Roman god of light, music, and poetry, who drives the sun across the sky in a carriage, and also rules over healing and prophecy, speaking through the famous oracle at Delphi ..
[Apollon, Apollos, Apolo]

Baptist .. The Christian prophet John the Baptist baptized Jesus with water in the River Jordan.
[Babtysta, Baptiste, Battista, Battiste, Bautista]

Bedell .. (Old French) "Messenger." ..

Benjamin .. Pediatrician and oracle Benjamin Spock ..
[Ben, Benejamen, Beniamino, Benjaman, Benjamen, .. 24 more]

Botolf .. (Old English) "Messenger wolf." ..
[Botolff, Botolph, Botulf, Botulph]

Currier .. This may also be derived from "courier", or messenger.
[Currie, Curry]

Daniel .. Biblical: the prophet and writer of the book of Daniel was a teenager when he was taken to Babylon after the destruction of Jerusalem in 607 BC ..
[Dan, Danal, Dane, Daneal, Danek, .. 15 more]

David .. David was a shepherd, musician, poet, soldier, statesman, prophet, and king ..
[Daffy, Daffyd, Dafydd, Dai, Dave, .. 16 more]

Deacon .. (Greek) "Messenger." ..
[Deakin, Deecon, Deekon, Deke, Dekel, .. 2 more]

Delphin .. French form of a name that refers to the Greek town of Delphi, home of a famous oracle ..
[Delfin, Delfino, Delfinos, Delfinus, Delphino, .. 3 more]

Ebenezer .. Biblical: name of a memorial stone set up by the prophet Samuel to mark a critical battle and victory in Jewish history ..
[Eb, Ebbaneza, Ebbie, Eben, Ebeneezer, .. 5 more]

Eli .. Biblical: Eli was a priest and judge who brought up the prophet Samuel ..
[Elie, Eloi, Eloy, Ely, Heli]

Elijah .. Biblical: Elijah was a great prophet of Israel who performed many miracles as told in the Book of Kings, and who is said not to have died, but was carried up into Heaven in a fiery chariot ..
[Eli, Elia, Elias, Elie, Elihu, .. 10 more]

Elisha .. Biblical: faithful attendant and successor to the prophet Elijah.
[Eleisha, Eli, Elisee, Eliseo, Elishah, .. 4 more]

Evan .. It is also used as a short form of Evangelos, which means "good messenger" in Greek ..
[Euan, Euen, Evann, Evans, Ev, .. 10 more]

Ezekiel .. Ezekiel was a prophet who was among the captives taken to Babylon at the first fall of Jerusalem ..
[Esequiel, Ezechiel, Eziechiele, Eziequel, Ezequiel, .. 5 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Prophet names: Ahmed, Ali, Amos, Angel, Apollo, Benjamin, Daniel, David, Deacon, Eli

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Prophet names: Elijah, Elisha, Evan, Ezekiel

Ahmed, Ali, Amos, Angel, Benjamin, Daniel, David, Eli, Elijah, Elisha, Evan and Ezekiel are commonly used names, while Apollo, Baptist, Bedell, Botolf, Currier, Deacon, Delphin and Ebenezer are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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