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Names may be associated with a word, eg. Raven is associated with "dark" but does not mean "dark".

Prophet baby names and what they mean, for prophet, messenger, oracle, with 49 results. Usage of these boy names reached its most widespread in 2010 (ADOPTION OF 7.9%) and has remained as conventional to this day (ADOPTION 7.3%, 8%), but with names such as Daniel becoming less stylish. The most fashionable boy names in this list are Benjamin (#10), Eli (#53), Ezekiel (#148), Ezra (#92) and Muhammad (#365), while Hasson (TOP 6%) and Benjamins (82%) are conventional surnames. Here is the list of Prophet names for girls.

Prophet names

Ahmed - Evan | Ezekiel - Nehemiah | Nuncio - Zephaniah

Ahmed - Evan

.. names of the prophet Muhammad, and .. Ahmed, Amed (cf. Alred, Ahamed) are popular -ed suffix surnames. [Amed, Amahd, Amad, Ahmad, Achmed, .. 5 more]

.. name of the Prophet Muhammad's cousin .. Ali is in the Top 2000. [Alia]

The prophet (eighth century BC) who .. Am and Amoss are more unique as forms of Amos. [Amoss, Am]

Derived fr. Greek. "Messenger; messenger of God." Angel and variants became more trendy in 2015, gaining on average +2 rankings as birth names with Angelo leading the upswing. .. God to men as His messengers .. [Onnjelo, Ohnjel, Ohngel, Angell, Andjelko, .. 13 more]

.. through the famous oracle at Delphi .. Apollo is a Top 2000 baby name. [Apolo, .. 2 more]

.. The Christian prophet John the Baptist .. Baptist, Battiste, etc. were not Top birth names in 2015. [Bautista, Battiste, .. 3 more]

Stems fr. Old French element. "Messenger." Beadell (TOP 72%), Bendell (39%) are conventional surnames. A somewhat unusual surname. [Bedall]

.. pediatrician and oracle Benjamin Spock; British .. Benjamin, Ben and Benny were among 2015's Top names. [Yemin, Yamino, Veniamin, Binyamin, Bibi, Benyamin, Benn, Benjiman, Benjie, Benjamon, .. 19 more]

.. name of the prophet Muezzin who .. A common baby name (#1210 IN CURRENT LIST), Bilal is also found frequently as a surname. See also Hilal.

From Old English language. "Messenger wolf." Rarely used as a boys' name. An obscure English saint in the .. [Botulph, .. 3 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Prophet names: Ahmed, Ali, Amos, Angel, Apollo

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Prophet names: Benjamin, Bilal, Daniel, David, Deacon

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Prophet names: Delphin, Ebenezer, Eli, Elijah, Elisha, Evan

.. be derived from "courier", or messenger. Currier, like the similar Courey, occurs more usually as a last name. [Curry, Currie]

The prophet and writer of the .. A very common children's name (#12 IN LATEST RANKINGS), Daniel is also used frequently as a surname. [Deiniol, Danyel, Danya, Danny, Dannel, Danil, Danial, Dani, Danell, Danek, .. 10 more]

.. poet, soldier, statesman, prophet, and king .. Dave, Davi, Davin, Daven and Davy are common as variations of David. [Davyn, Davies, Daviel, Davide, Davi, Davey, .. 16 more]

Based on Greek element. "Messenger." Deekon and variants peaked in popularity in 2014 and have remained popular. A deacon is a ministerial assistant .. [Diakonos, Dekel, Deakin, .. 4 more]

.. Delphi, home of a famous oracle .. Delphin, Delfino and Delvin are widely used as versions. [Delvin, Delphino, .. 6 more]

.. up by the prophet Samuel to .. Eb, Ebbaneza, Ebeneezer, Ebeneser and Ebenezar are more rare as versions of Ebenezer. [Evenezer, Eveneser, Ebenezar, .. 7 more]

.. who brought up the prophet Samuel .. Widely used, with usage of 0.379% for Eli, Eloi, etc. as baby names in 2015, but lower than 0.396% the year before. [Heli, Elie, .. 3 more]

.. was a great prophet of Israel .. Adoption of Elijah and variants as birth names in 2015 was up 63.8% compared to a decade ago. [Lige, Elyott, Elliot, Eliyahu, Elija, Elie, .. 10 more]

.. and successor to the prophet Elijah. Eli has gained increasing favor as a birth name since the 1960s. [Yelisei, Lisha, Eliso, Elisee, .. 5 more]

.. which means "good messenger" in Greek .. Evan (upper 9%), Evans (1%), Ewen (9%), Owen (1%) and Van (2%) occur commonly as last names. [Van, Ewy, Ewan, Evo, Evin, Euen, .. 10 more]

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Summary Index of Prophet names [and variants] for boys.

1. Ahmed - Evan
Ahmed [Amad, Amed, Ahmet, Ahmod, Amadi, Amahd, ..], Ali [Alia], Amos [Am, Amoss], Angel [Onjel, Ohngel, Onnjel, Ohnjel, Onjello, Onnjelo, ..], Apollo [Apolo, Apollon, Apollos], Baptist [Babtysta, Baptiste, Battista, Battiste, Bautista], Bedell [Bedall], Benjamin [Jamin, Yemin, Yamin, Yamino, Veniamin, Venyamin, ..], Bilal, Botolf [Botulf, Botolff, Botolph, Botulph], Currier [Curry, Currie], Daniel [Danny, Danya, Danyal, Danyel, Deiniol, Dantrell, ..], David [Davy, Davon, Daven, Davyd, Davyn, Davydd, ..], Deacon [Deke, Dekel, Dekle, Deecon, Deekon, Diakonos], Delphin [Delvin, Delphino, Delfinos, Delfinus, Delphinos, Delphinus, ..], Ebenezer [Ebenzer, Ebeneser, Eveneser, Ebenezar, Evenezer, Ebeneezer, ..], Eli [Ely, Elie, Eloi, Eloy, Heli], Elijah [Ely, Lige, Ellis, Elyot, Elliot, Elyott, ..], Elisha [Lisha, Eliso, Eliseo, Elishah, Elisher, Yelisei, ..], Evan [Van, Ewy, Evyn, Ewan, Ewen, Owen, ..]

Ezekiel [Zeke, Haskel, Iezekiel, Ezequiel, Jesekijel, Yechezkel, ..], Ezra [Azur, Esra, Ezer, Ezri, Ezrah, Esdras], Gabriel [Gay, Gavril, Jabril, Jibril, Gavriel, Gavrilo, ..], Habakkuk [Habacuc, Habbakuk], Haidar [Hyder, Haider, Hayder, Haydar], Hashim [Hisham, Hashem, Haashim, Hasheem], Hassan [Hasan, Hasani, Hassain], Hermes [Ermes, Hermus, Hermite, Hermilo], Hosea [Hoshea, Hoseia, Hosheia], Idris, Isaiah [Isia, Isiah, Isais, Iziah, Issiah, Izaiah, ..], Jeremiah [Jerry, Jermyn, Jeremy, Yeremia, Yeremiya, Yeremiyah, ..], Joel [Yoel, Joell], Malachi [Maleki, Malakia, Malakie, Malechy, Malequi, Malaquias, ..], Mercury [Mercure, Mercuree, Mercurey], Micah [Mike, Mikey, Mikal, Mycah], Michelangelo, Muhammad [Mohamed, Muhamet, Mohamet, Mohammed, Muhammed, Mohammad, ..], Nathan [Nat, Nate, Natan, Nathen, Nathon], Nehemiah [Nechemya, Nechemia, Nechemiah]

Nuncio [Nunzio], Obadiah [Obie, Oved, Obed, Obediah, Ovadiah, Ovadiach, ..], Phineas [Pincas, Pinkus, Pincus, Pinhas, Pinchas, Pinchos, ..], Samuel [Shem, Sammy, Sammie, Samwell, Samuele, Samuello], Sayid [Syed, Saiyid, Sayeed], Triton, Uriah [Yuri, Urias, Yuria, Urija, Uriyah, Urijah, ..], Zachariah [Zeke, Zakery, Zekariah, Zekeriah, Zechariah, Zecheriah, ..], Zephaniah [Zeph, Zephan]

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