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28 Pure baby names and what they mean, for pure, chaste, perfect, virgin.

These boy names were at the height of their popularity in the year 2007 (usage of 1.3%) and are somewhat less popular today (usage 0.7%, 42% less), with names like Devin becoming somewhat outmoded.

Here is the list of Virgin names for girls.


Names may be associated with a word, eg. Raven is associated with "dark" but does not mean "dark".

Afif - Mayes

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Pure names: Augustine, Candido, Catlin, Conley, Devin

Root fr. Arabic element. "Chaste." Arif is a marginally prominent kid's name. See also Aviv.

Derivative of Arabic element. "Perfect." Akmal (top 64%), comparable to Awal (top 85%), Atwal (19%), is a popular -al suffix last name. [Aqmal]

Root fr. Hebrew, Sanskrit, Arabic. "Pure; hope." Compare last names Amad, Amar. Familiar to Americans as the young .. [Amahl, Amel, .. 1 more]

.. God, make me chaste, but not .. Agustin, Austen and Austyn are common as variations of Augustine. [Agoston, Augustin, Augustyn, Augy, Austen, .. 6 more]

Stems fr. Latin element. "White, pure." Candido and variants peaked in popularity 4 decades ago. Volitaire's famous novel "Candide" makes fun .. [Candide, Candidio]

Origin fr. Irish, Greek. "Pure." Cattlin, Katlin and Kattlin are more unique as versions of Catlin. Variant of Catherine .. [Cattlin, .. 2 more]

.. from "connla" meaning "pure, chaste, sensible" .. Slightly atypical as a boys' name, Conley occurs more often as a surname. See also Coley.

.. "ten", but might also mean "pure" .. Not that popular as a boys' name, Decatur exists more commonly as a surname.

.. the French "divin", meaning "divine, perfect". Devinn and Devynn are more exclusive as forms of Devin. [Dev, Devinn, .. 3 more]

.. to whom the Virgin of Guadalupe .. Dago is more exclusive as a variation of Diego. [Dago]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Pure names: Diego, Gael, Gavin, Gilmore, Kamal, Malcolm

.. gwenn white, fair, pure, and hael .. Gale is a commonplace (top 64%) male name, while Gael is infrequently used. [Gale]

Name of the pure, perfect knight .. Garlahad and Ghalahad are kreatif forms. [Galath]

.. and may mean "pure, light", from .. Gavin, Gavan, etc. became less trendy last year, falling on average -21 rankings as birth names with Gaven leading the fall. [Gavan, Gavyn, Gawaine, Gawayne, .. 10 more]

Based on , Gaelic words. "Servant of the Virgin Mary." Gilmore, Gillmour, etc. are hardly found as first names. [Gillmore, .. 2 more]

Based on Old Welsh word. "Pure." Uncommon. Gower (cf. Gomer) ends with the androgynous -er. See also Gore.

.. the plains, fierce or pure, light. Not Top 2000 name.

.. name of the Virgin Mary's father .. Joachim and variants became more popular in 2014, rising +13 positions as baby names with Joaquin gaining the most. [Akim, Joacheim, Yachim, .. 7 more]

Source fr. Arabic. "Perfection, perfect." Somewhat common as birth names, Kamal, Kameel, etc. are comparable to the popular Jamal. [Kameel, Kamil]

.. was based on the true story .. Usage of Malcolm, Malcom, etc. as children's names in 2014 was up 3.5% compared to 2013. [Malcom, .. 2 more]

.. the veneration of the Virgin Mary .. Not that popular as a children's name, Mayes is found more frequently as a last name. [Mays]

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Index of all Pure names [and variants] for boys.

1. Afif - Mayes
Afif, Akmal [Aqmal], Amal [Amel, Amahl, Amali], Augustine [Augy, Augie, Austen, Austyn, Austin, Augustin, Augustyn, Avgustin, ..], Candido [Candide, Candidio], Catlin [Katlin, Cattlin, Kattlin], Conley, Decatur, Devin [Dev, Devon, Devyn, Devinn, Devynn], Diego [Dago], Gael [Gale], Galahad [Galath], Gavin [Gawan, Gavyn, Gwayn, Gwayne, Gawayn, Gawaine, Gawayne, ..], Gilmore [Gilmour, Gillmore, Gillmour], Gower, Gwalchmai, Joachim [Jakim, Yakim, Yachim, Jachim, Joaquin, Josquin, Joaquim, Joacheim, ..], Kamal [Kamil, Kameel], Malcolm [Malcom, Malkolm, Malcolum], Mayes [Mays]

2. Mordecai - Zaki
Mordecai [Mort, Mordy, Mordechai, Mortdecai], Pagan, Penn [Pen], Perfecto, Tahir [Taheer], True, Virginius [Virginio], Zaki