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Raven names

Raven baby names and what they mean, for raven, crow.

Usage of these boy names is at its most widespread presently (adoption of 0.2%), except for names like Crawford which have become less fashionable. Corbin (#203), Draven (#826), Korbin (#512) and Remington (#313) are four of the more fashionable baby names in this list.


Names may be associated with a word, eg. Raven is associated with "dark" but does not mean "dark".

Bartram - Korbin

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Top 2000 baby names ranking of Raven names: Bertram, Bertrand, Brannon, Corbett, Corbin

From Scandinavian word. "Bright raven." Bartram (cf. Ballam, Balram) is a common -am suffix last name. The raven was consecrated to Odin .. [Barthram]

.. (Old French, Old German) "bright raven" .. Beltran, Beltrano and Bertran are seldom found as men's names. [Beltrano, .. 1 more]

From Old French, Old German. "Bright, famous raven." Bertram has fallen off in favor as a children's name since the 1910s. .. Ravens were traditional symbols of wisdom .. [Bart, Beltran, .. 11 more]

Stems fr. Old French, Old German words. "Bright raven." Adoption of Bertrando and forms peaked 94 years ago. Medieval French variant of Bertram, brought .. [Bertrando]

Source fr. Old English. "Courageous raven." A rare children's name, Brainard is found more commonly as a last name. [Brainerd, .. 1 more]

Root fr. Scottish, Irish, Gaelic elements. "Raven." Bram (upper 20%), Bramm (73%), Bran (12%) and Brann (6%) occur regularly as surnames. .. The raven has historically stood for .. [Bramm, .. 2 more]

Origin fr. Old English. "Raven well." Bramwell, like the similar Brandell, exists more often as a surname. Place name .. [Brammell, Branwill, .. 4 more]

Root fr. Old English. "Raven meadow." Compare surnames Brasley, Bradley. Place name. [Branlea, .. 3 more]

An elaboration of "bran", meaning "raven". Brannon is familiar as a variation. [Branna, Brannen]

Stems fr. Norman French word. "Young crow." Corbett (upper 1%), Corby (9%) and Corbet (23%) appear often as surnames. [Corbet, Corby]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Raven names: Crawford, Draven, Fay, Ingram, Korbin

.. a nickname meaning "crow" in Anglo .. Corbett (upper 1%), Corbin (1%), Corbitt (4%), Corby (9%) and Cory (4%) exist frequently as last names. [Corben, Corbett, Corbitt, Korbin, .. 8 more]

Root fr. Latin word. "Crow, raven." Cirinian and Corbincas are kreatif forms. From "corvus" ..

Origin fr. Latin element. "Raven." Corvin is an irregularly used first name, existing frequently (upper 15%) as a last name. See also Corrin. From Corvinus.

Based on Old English element. "Ford of the crows." Less used today. Crawford was the version last found (1960-1969) in the Top 2000. Place name. [Crawfurd]

.. in the movie "The Crow" (1994). Draven became less popular in 2014, falling -24 positions as a children's name to reach #826. See also Daven.

Derivative of Irish, Gaelic language. "Raven." Fay, Faye and Fayette are common as forms. [Faye, .. 1 more]

Root fr. Irish. "Raven." Unusual, with the androgynous-sounding -in ending for Fechin, Feichin, like Fermin. From fiach .. [Feichin]

.. meaning "hunt" or "raven", and rí .. Fiachra and Fiacre are uncommonly used as male names. [Fiacre]

Based on Scandinavian, Old English languages. "Raven of peace; raven of Anglia." Ingram is commonplace as a variation. [Ingraham, Ingrim, .. 4 more]

"Raven haired." Korbin has been the recurring favorite, although Korbyn appears to be getting popular too. See also Corbin. [Korbyn]

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Index of all Raven names [and variants] for boys.

1. Bartram - Korbin
Bartram [Barthram], Beltran [Bertran, Beltrano], Bertram [Berton, Bertie, Bertran, Bertrum, Bertrem, Bertrand, Bertrando, Bertranno, ..], Bertrand [Bertrando], Brainard [Brainerd, Braynard], Bram [Bran, Bramm, Brann], Bramwell [Bramwel, Brammell, Bramwyll, Branwell, Branwill, Branwyll], Branley [Branly, Branlea, Branlie, Branlee], Brannon [Branna, Brannen], Corbett [Corby, Corbet], Corbin [Cory, Corby, Corbit, Corbyn, Corvin, Korbyn, Korbin, Corbitt, ..], Corbinian, Corvin, Crawford [Crawfurd], Draven, Fay [Faye, Fayette], Fechin [Feichin], Fiachra [Fiacre], Ingram [Ingrim, Ingrams, Yngraham, Ingraham, Ingrahame], Korbin [Korbyn]

2. Ramsay - Waldron
Ramsay [Ramzi, Ramsey, Ramzey], Ransford, Ransley [Ransly, Ransleigh], Raven [Ravinn, Rayven, Rayvin], Remington, Renshaw [Renishaw], Renwick, Roxbert, Waldron