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Names may be associated with a word, eg. Raven is associated with "dark" but does not mean "dark".

Red baby names and what they mean, for red, ruddy, youthful, with 67 results. Adoption of these boy names was at its most widespread during 1980-1989 (ADOPTION OF 3%) and is somewhat lower today (ADOPTION 1.5%, 49.1%), with names such as Douglas becoming less stylish. The most trendy boy names in this compilation are Jasper (#215), Julian (#45), Phoenix (#307), Rory (#378) and Rowan (#219), while Rohen (TOP 69%) and Rehan (52%) are common last names. Here is the list of Red names for girls.

Red names

Adam - Gilroy | Giulio - Reid | Rhydderch - Russell | Ruston - Sorrell

Adam - Gilroy


.. created from the red earth of .. Aadam is also a moderately popular boys' name. [Edom, Atim, Adnot, Adnon, Ade, Addams, Adamo, .. 17 more]

.. of a type of red peony. Unconventional. Compare Admon and popular last names Argon (TOP 76%), Arson (92%), which also end with -on. See also Ammon.

.. of a giant red star, the .. Antares is a unique male name. See also Andres.


Origin fr. English word. "Moderate or reddish brown." Auburn peaked in popularity in the 1920s. Unisex name.

.. come from the red dye woods .. Brazil and Brasil are sparsely used masculine names. [Brasil]


.. also means purplish red from an .. Karmen and forms soared in popularity in the 1920s and are now less widespread, with Carmen becoming less fashionable. [Karmen, Karman, Carmin, Carmen, .. 2 more]

.. ancient Irish name meaning "red warrior". Clancy, Clancey and Claney were not among 2015's Top names. [Claney, Clancey]


.. Clifford the Big Red Dog is .. Usage of Clifford, Clyfford, etc. as boys' names in 2015 was 20.6% more than the year before. [Clyford, Clyff, .. 2 more]

Origin fr. Irish, Gaelic language. "Ruddy." Not in popularity charts. William Corcoran was a 19th century .. [Korcoran, .. 2 more]


.. Black Douglases and the Red Douglases .. A familiar children's name (#618 IN CURRENT LIST), Douglas also exists often as a last name. [Dugaid, Douglass, .. 1 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Red names: Adam, Auburn, Carmine, Clifford, Douglas

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Red names: Elmo, Eric, Esau, Fox, Garnet

Origin fr. Hebrew word. "Red." Scarce as a children's name, but Edom is similar to the more common Eden. See also Adom. Biblical ..


.. of a furry red toddler character .. Elmo has declined in favor as a birth name circa the 1910s. [Moe]


.. of Erik the Red landed on .. Usage of Eric as a birth name has dwindled since the 1970s. [Rikky, Rickey, Rick, Jerker, Jerk, Eurico, Eryk, Erkki, Erki, Erik, .. 21 more]


.. born covered in red hair and .. Adoption of Esau was elevated 8 years ago.

Stems fr. Irish, Gaelic language. "Red, ruddy." Flannan and variants are uncommon as birth names. From a nickname .. [Flannery, .. 2 more]

Root fr. Irish, Gaelic. "Red, ruddy." Flannan is not in the Top 2000. Anglicized form of the Gaelic name ..

Stems fr. Irish, Gaelic element. "Red valor." Not Top 2000 name. Unisex name. Related to Flann and Flannan.


.. or for someone with red hair .. Well-used, with usage of 0.01% for Fox, Foxe, etc. as birth names in 2015, higher than 0.009% the year before. [Foxen, .. 1 more]


.. name of the red colored precious .. Garnet and variants were popular as baby names during 1900-1909. [Garnett]

Origin fr. Irish, Scottish, Gaelic. "The red head." Gibroy and Gifroy are creative variations. From Gaelic an giolla .. [Gilray, Gillroy, Gildray, .. 3 more]

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Summary Index of Red names [and variants] for boys.

1. Adam - Gilroy
Adam [Atim, Edom, Adom, Atkins, ..], Admon, Antares, Auburn, Brazil [Brasil], Carmine [Carmin, Karman, Karmen, Carmino, ..], Clancy [Claney, Clancey], Clifford [Cliff, Clyff, Clyford, Clyfford], Corcoran [Cork, Cochran, Korcoran], Douglas [Doug, Dugaid, Douglass], Edom, Elmo [Moe], Eric [Ricky, Rikki, Rikky, Rickey, ..], Esau, Flann [Flainn, Flannan, Flannery], Flannan, Flannery, Fox [Foxe, Foxen], Garnet [Garnett], Gilroy [Gilray, Gildroy, Gillray, Gillroy, ..]

Giulio [Giuliano], Hagen [Hagan, Haggan], Harkin [Harkan, Harken], Jasper [Gasper, Jaspar, Jesper, Kacper], Julian [Julio, Julien, Julius, Julyan, ..], Julius [Jule, Jules, Julio, Jolyon], Leroux [Larue], Ormond [Ormand, Ormonde], Phoenix [Fenix, Phenix], Radburn [Radbourn, Radburne, Radborne, Radbourne], Radcliff [Ratcliff, Radcliffe, Radclyffe, Ratcliffe], Radford [Radferd, Radfurd, Redford], Radley [Radly, Radlee, Radlea, Radleigh], Radnor, Read [Reed, Reid, Reade, Reide], Reading [Redding, Reeding, Reiding], Redford [Radford, Radfurd, Redfurd], Redley [Redly, Redlea, Radley, Redleigh], Reed [Read, Reid, Reyd, Reade], Reid [Read, Reed, Redd, Reade]

Rhydderch, Rogan, Rohan [Roane, Royan], Rooney [Roone, Rowan, Rowen, Rowney], Rory [Rorik, Rorry, Rorey, Rorric], Roslin [Roslyn, Rosslyn, Rosselin], Ross [Rosse, Rossell, Rosston, Rossiter], Roth [Rothe], Rothwell, Rousseau [Russo, Roussell], Rowan [Roan, Rowe, Rowen, Rohan], Roy [Roi, Ruy, Rey, Royer], Rudd, Rudolph [Rudy, Rudolfo, Rudolpho, Rudolphus, ..], Rudyard, Rufino [Ruffino], Ruford [Rufford], Rufus [Ruffus, Rufous], Rushkin, Russell [Russ, Russel, Roussell]

Ruston [Rustan, Rusten, Rustin, Russton], Rusty [Rustyn], Rutland, Rutledge [Routledge], Rutley, Shani, Sorrell [Sorel, Sorrel]

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