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Adalric - Alaric

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Adalric 1 .. Origin fr. Old German element. "Noble, regal ruler." Atypical as a birth name. [Adalrich, Adelric, Adelrick, .. 2 more]

Alaric 2 .. Source fr. Old German element. "Noble, regal ruler." Alaric is infrequently used as a first name. See also Aaric. .. [Al, Alarick, Aleric, Allaric, Alleric, .. 9 more]

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[Adalric - Alaric]
Adalric [Adelric, Adalrich, Adalrick, Adelrick, Adelrich], Alaric [Alric, Ulrich, Alrick, Ulrick, Alerick, Alleric, Ullrich, Allaric, Allerick, Allarick, ..]