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Revolutionary Names

Page 1/2. 26 Revolutionary names and what they mean, for revolutionary, revolution, reformer for baby boys, listing 1-20.

Bolivar .. The revolutionary Simon Bolivar (19th century) helped to liberate much of northern South America from Spanish rule.
[Bolevar, Bollivar]

Booker .. American reformer Booker T ..

Bradford .. Another William Bradford (18th century) was a printer who played an important part in the American Revolution.
[Braddford, Bradfurd, Brad]

Brant .. Brant County and Brantford in southern Ontario are named for Joseph Brant, a Mohawk and renowned strategist who fought on the British side during the American Revolution ..
[Brandt, Brannt, Brantley, Brantt]

Calvin .. Transferred to a first name as homage to 16th-century French religious reformer Jean Calvin, whose thinking deeply influenced the Presbyterian, Methodist, and Huguenot branches of Protestantism ..
[Cal, Calvino, Kalvin, Vinnie]

Che .. Latin-American revolutionary Che Guevara.

Concord .. A Puritan virtue name and also a place name: the capital city of New Hampshire and the small town northwest of Boston linked with the American Revolution and later home to a bevy of 19th-century literary figures.

Cornwallis .. Famous English general in the revolutionary War George Cornwallis lost the battle of Yorktown to Washington and Lafayette, but was later more successful putting down other colonial rebellions in India and Ireland.

Cromwell .. 17th-century reformer Oliver Cromwell ..

Danton .. Georges Danton was one of the key figures in the French revolution.

Elmer .. Used as a given name in America since the 19th century in honor of American Revolution activists Ebenezer and Jonathan Elmer ..
[Aylmar, Aylmer, Aymer, Elemer, Ellmer, .. 1 more]

Ethan .. American patriot Ethan Allen was a famous Revolutionary War leader ..
[Aitan, Eitan, Etan, Ethen]

Gage .. The British General Thomas Gage was Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony at the outbreak of the Revolutionary War.

Hale .. Nathan Hale was a Revolutionary War hero famous for saying "I regret that I have but one life to lose for my country".
[Hal, Halen, Hallen, Haylan, Hayle]

Hampton .. South Carolina planter Wade Hampton was an important soldier in the Revolutionary War and his grandson (of the same name) was a prominent Confederate general and later, Governor of South Carolina ..

Joseph .. Revolutionary Che Guevara ..
[Che, Giuseppe, Giuseppino, Iosef, Iosep, .. 38 more]

Lafayette .. Historical: the Marquis de Lafayette, a French nobleman, was only 20 when he came to serve four years in the American Revolutionary cause ..

Luther .. Usually used as homage to Martin Luther, the German religious reformer, or to Martin Luther king, Jr, the civil rights activist ..
[Lotario, Lothair, Lothar, Lothario, Louther, .. 1 more]

Marion .. Revolutionary war soldier Francis "Swamp Fox" Marion.

Martin .. Protestant reformer Martin Luther also influenced the name in the 19th century ..
[Marinos, Mart, Martel, Martell, Marten, .. 12 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Revolutionary names: Booker, Bradford, Brant, Calvin, Elmer, Ethan, Gage, Hampton, Joseph, Lafayette

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Revolutionary names: Luther, Marion, Martin

Booker, Bradford, Brant, Calvin, Elmer, Ethan, Joseph, Luther, Marion and Martin are commonly used names, while Bolivar, Che, Concord, Cornwallis, Cromwell, Danton, Gage, Hale, Hampton and Lafayette are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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