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Ayman - Eldridge

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Ayman 1 .. In some Arabic dialects, the name means "right". Usage is irregular as a given name for boys. See also Amyn. [Aymeen]

Benjamin 2 .. Root fr. Hebrew element. "Son of the right hand." Benjamin is a commonly occurring (Top 5%) masculine name, appearing often (Top 1%) as a surname according to the US Census. The variations Benny and Benjaman are common as forms of the name. .. [Ben, Beniamino, Benjamen, Benjamon, Benjey, .. 24 more]

Calhoun 3 .. John Calhoun was a 19th-century American statesman, Vice President under Andrew Jackson, whose writings and ideas on states' rights contributed heavily to the Southern states' formation of the Confederacy. Usage is irregular as a given name for boys. Calhoun occurs more conventionally as a surname. [Callhoun, Colquhoun, .. 1 more]

Dexter 4 .. Root fr. Latin, Old English elements. "Right-handed, fortunate." Dexter is a commonly occurring (Top 38%) masculine name, appearing often (Top 3%) as a surname according to the US Census. Originally from Greek dexi meaning "worship", which was transferred to "using the right hand", hence "dexi hand" .. [Dex, Dexy, .. 1 more]

Eldridge 5 .. African-American civil rights activist Eldridge Cleaver. Usage of Eldridge as a name for newborns has trended downward over time. See also Aldridge. [Eldredge, Eldrich, Eldrige, .. 2 more]

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[Ayman - Eldridge]
Ayman [Aymeen], Benjamin [Yemin, Jamin, Yamin, Yamino, Binyamin, Venyamin, Veniamin, Binyamino, ..], Calhoun [Colhoun, Callhoun, Colquhoun], Dexter [Dex, Dexy, Dexton], Eldridge [Eldrege, Eldrige, Eldrich, Eldrick, Eldredge]

[Jamin - Temani]
Jamin, Kaemon, Luther [Lothar, Lutero, Lothair, Louther, Lotario, Lothario], Madison [Maddy, Madisyn, Madyson, Maddison, Madisson], Marcus [Marco, Marcas, Markos, Markus], Martin [Marty, Morten, Marton, Martyn, Martino, Martinos, Martinus, Martinien, ..], Paine [Pain, Payne], Temani [Teman, Temeni]