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Right Names

13 Right names and what they mean, for right for baby boys, listing 1-13. Benjamin, Dexter, Eldridge, Luther, Marcus and Martin are commonly used names, while Ayman, Calhoun, Jamin, Kaemon, Madison, Paine and Temani are rare in comparison. Here is the list of Right names for girls.

Ayman .. In some Arabic dialects, the name means "right".

Benjamin .. "Son of the right hand." ..
[Ben, Benejamen, Beniamino, Benjaman, Benjamen, .. 24 more]

Calhoun .. John Calhoun was a 19th-century American statesman, Vice President under Andrew Jackson, whose writings and ideas on states' rights contributed heavily to the Southern states' formation of the Confederacy.
[Callhoun, Colhoun, Colquhoun]

Dexter .. "Right-handed, fortunate." Originally from Greek "dexi" meaning "worship", which was transferred to "using the right hand", hence "dexi hand" ..
[Dex, Dexton, Dexy]

Eldridge .. African-American civil rights activist Eldridge Cleaver.
[Eldredge, Eldrege, Eldrich, Eldrick, Eldrige]

Jamin .. "Son of the right hand." ..

Kaemon .. "Right-handed." ..

Luther .. Usually used as homage to Martin Luther, the German religious reformer, or to Martin Luther king, Jr, the civil rights activist ..
[Lotario, Lothair, Lothar, Lothario, Louther, .. 1 more]

Madison .. Use of Madison as a first name is influenced by James Madison, a major contributor to the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights, as well as American President during the War of 1812 ..
[Maddison, Maddy, Madisson, Madyson, Madisyn]

Marcus .. The name was possibly influenced by a hit TV series "Marcus Welby, M.D." and civil rights activist Marcus Garvey ..
[Marcas, Marco, Markos, Markus]

Martin .. Civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr ..
[Marinos, Mart, Martel, Martell, Marten, .. 12 more]

Paine .. Thomas Paine (18th century) was an influential political theorist during the American Revolution, and wrote "The Rights of Man" which supported the French Revolution.
[Pain, Payne]

Temani .. It literally means "on the right side", which refers to the south when one is facing the east.
[Teman, Temeni]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Right names: Benjamin, Dexter, Eldridge, Luther, Madison, Marcus, Martin

Featured categories: christian, auspicious, canonical, civil, clean, complete, estate, fair, faithful, firm, fit, flat, genuine, good, happy, healthy, hear, honest, honorable, just, justice, mighty, nobility, open, perfect, perfection, plain, power, powerful, principal, pure, righteous, rightly, settlement, sharp, smooth, square, straight, title, true, truth, upright, virtue, whole, wise.

Abel .. According to the Christian Church, he is a pre-Christian martyr and is invoked as a saint in the litany for the dying ..
[Abe, Abele, Abell, Abelson, Abey, .. 3 more]

Dale .. Roy Roger's consort Dale Evans ..
[Dael, Daile, Dalen, Daley, Dallan, .. 3 more]

Ernan .. Saint Earnán is the patron saint of Tory Island while Saint Ernin Cass ("the curly haired") is patron of Leighlin.
[Eirnin, Ernin]

Bevis .. An unusual name, and the popularity of the cartoon "Beavis and Butthead" makes it even less acceptable.
[Beauvais, Beavess, Beavis, Beviss]

Tychon .. "Accurate."

Ynyr .. Possibly derived from Honorius (Latin) "honored", or from a name of uncertain derivation adapted by the native Welsh during the Roman occupation of Britain.

Boniface .. "Fortunate, auspicious." ..
[Bonfecio, Boni, Bonifacio, Bonifacius, Bonifacy]


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