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Rock names and what they mean, for rock, stone for males. Here is the list of Rock names for girls. These boy names reached the apex of their popularity during 1950-1959 and are almost as popular today, but with names like Craig, Chris, Stanton, Stanford and Sylvester falling out of style. The most trendy names for newborns here are Callan (#668), Winston (#538), Langston (#748), Easton (#83) and Oliver (#32), and there is also a rekindling in birth name popularity for Oliver.

Alan - Arthur

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Alan 1 .. .. the Gaelic "ailin" meaning "little rock" .. Alan is frequently occurring (Top 7%) as a men's name, occurring regularly (Top 26%) as a surname according to the US Census. The forms Allyn and Allan are familiar as variations of Alan. [Ailean, Ailin, Alain, Aland, Alano, .. 20 more]

Alban 2 .. .. Celtic word "alp" for "rock, crag" .. Alban is a rarely occurring male name, appearing frequently (Top 18%) as a last name in the US Census. The variation Al is commonplace as a variant form of Alban. [Al, Alban, Albany, Albin, Albion, .. 13 more]

Albion 3 .. Derived fr. Latin, Celtic elements. "White; rock, crag." Scarcely used as a name for kids. See also Albyn. Albion is an ancient poetic name ..

Alston 4 .. Stems fr. Old English word. "Elf stone." Rarely used as a boys' name, Alston is used more frequently as a surname. See also Aston. Also possibly "old stone" or a .. [Alsdon, Alsten, Allston, .. 2 more]

Arthur 5 .. .. ; an Irish Gaelic word meaning stone .. Arthur is familiar (Top 4%) as a masculine name, and it occurs often (Top 1%) as a surname in the US Census. The form Arther is generally used as a variation of this name. [Aart, Arrt, Artair, Arther, Arthuro, .. 12 more]

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[Alan - Arthur]
Alan [Alun, Alyn, ..], Alban [Auben, Aubin, ..], Albion, Alston [Allston, Allstonn, ..], Arthur [Arty, Artus, ..]

[Athelstan - Gladstone]
Athelstan, Blackstone, Buxton, Cairn [Kairne, Kairns, ..], Callan [Cailean], Carnell [Carne, Carnelle], Carrick, Cephas, Chris [Cris, Kris], Craig [Craik, Kraig], Dunstan [Dunstin, Dunston], Easton, Eben [Eban, Ebbie], Ebenezer [Eveneser, Evenezer, ..], Evan [Van, Owen, ..], Ferris [Farrish, Ferriss], Filmore [Filmer, Fylmer], Flint [Flynt], Gannet [Gannett], Gladstone

[Hallberg - Peter]
Hallberg [Halburg, Hallburg], Halle, Halvard [Halvor, Halverd, ..], Irving [Irvyn, Irvine, ..], Jade [Jaide, Jayde], Jaeger [Jagur, Jagger], Jethro [Jeth, Jethroe], Keith, Kraig, Langston [Langton, Langsdon], Livingston [Livingstin, Livingstone], Mason, Ofir [Ofeer, Ophir], Oliver [Olliver, Ollivor, ..], Parkins [Parken, Parkin], Parnell [Parnel, Parrnell], Pekelo, Perkin [Perkyn, Perrin], Pernell, Peter [Piotr, Pyotr, ..]

[Pierce - Stanwick]
Pierce [Pierson, Piersson, ..], Piers [Pierson, Piersson, ..], Roark [Ruark, Rourke, ..], Rocco [Rocky, Roque, ..], Rochester [Chet, Rock], Rock [Rocky], Rockley [Rockly, Rockleigh], Rockwell, Rocky [Roque, Rockwell, ..], Santana [Santanna], Shamir [Shameer], Stanbury [Stansbury, Stansburghe, ..], Stancliff [Stanscliff, Stanscliffe, ..], Standish, Stanfield [Stansfield], Stanford [Stamford, Standford], Stanmore [Stanmere], Stanton [Stanten, Staunton], Stanway [Stannway, Stannaway], Stanwick [Stanwyck, Stanwicke]

[Stanwood - Zuriel]
Stanwood, Stein [Stensen, Stenssen, ..], Steinar [Steinart, Steinhardt], Stennis, Stoney [Stoner, Stones], Sylvester [Sly, Silvestre], Tavish [Tavis, Tevis], Thurston [Torsten, Torston, ..], Tremain [Tremaine, Tremayne, ..], Winston [Wynstan, Wynston, ..], Woodstock, Wystan [Wystann], Zuriel