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Earl - Rollo

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Earl 1 .. Name based on the English title, originally a nickname similar to Baron, Duke or King .. Usage of Earl and Errol as given names for baby boys has decreased over the years. The forms Errol and Earle are common as versions of Earl. [Earle, Earlie, Erl, Errol, .. , Rollo, .. 5 more]

Errol 2 Scottish surname that derives from a place name associated with Earl .. Errol has faded in favor as a given name for baby boys over time since 1940. See also Erron. [Erol, Erroll, Erryle, Rollo, .. 2 more]

Roland 3 .. Roland is celebrated in French and Italian poetic and romantic sagas as a hero in the service of Charlemagne .. Roland has waned in favor as a birth name over the years since 1920. The variations Rowland, Rollie and Orlando are widely used as variant forms of this name. [Lannie, Lanny, Roeland, Roldan, .. , Rollo, .. 11 more]

Rolf 4 Variant of Rudolph (Old German) "famous wolf" .. Rolf is a recognizable (Top 96%) given name, occurring often (Top 10%) as a surname in the US Census. See also Ralf. [Rolfe, Rollo, Rowland, .. 2 more]

Rollo 5 .. Author Rollo May. Fairly unique as a name for children, Rollo is found more frequently as a surname. See also Rowly.

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Earl [Erl, Irl, Erle, Errol, Rollo, Erryl, Early, Erroll, ..], Errol [Erol, Erryl, Eryle, Rollo, Erryle, Erroll], Roland [Rowe, Rolly, Rollo, Rollie, Rollin, Rolland, Rollins, Rowland, ..], Rolf [Rolfe, Rolle, Rollo, Rolph, Rowland], Rollo

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Rudolph [Rudy, Rudi, Rudie, Rudey, Rudolf, Rudolfo, Rudolpho, Rudolphus, ..]