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Romance names and what they mean, for romance for men. Here is the list of Love names for girls.

Daphnis - Romeo

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Daphnis 1 .. is the pastoral romance of Daphnis .. Not Top 1000 name.

Laverne 2 .. .. sounding to the romance languages' word .. Usage of Laverne as a birth name has diminished circa 1920-1929. [Lavern, Luvern, .. 3 more]

Romeo 3 .. .. in the famous romance Romeo and .. Popular as last name. Compare Romeo (top 3%) with common -eo surnames Coseo (top 66%), Demeo (8%). See also Remee.

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Summary of Romance names (and variants) for boys.

Daphnis - Romeo
Daphnis, Laverne [Lavern, Luvern, Levern, Leverne, Luverne], Romeo