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Coburn - Cockrell

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Coburn 1 .. .. Cockburn, meaning "stream of the rooster" .. Coburn (upper 2%), Cockburn (17%), like Clayburn (upper 19%), Camburn (26%), are common -burn suffix last names. [Coburne, Coby, Cockburne, .. 1 more]

Cockrell 2 .. Root fr. Old French word. "Young rooster." Common as surnames. Compare Cockrell (upper 2%), Cockerell (32%) with common surnames Pickerell (upper 35%), Curell (54%), which also end with -rell. [Cockerell, .. 1 more]

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[Coburn - Cockrell]
Coburn [Coby, Coburne, Cockburn, Cockburne], Cockrell [Cockrill, Cockerell]