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Royal Names

(See: King Names)

Page 1/3. 48 Royal names and what they mean, for royal for baby boys, listing 1-20. Here is the list of Queen names for girls.

Abdullah .. A royal name in Saudi Arabia ..
[Abdalah, Abdalla, Abdallah, Abdella, Abdualla, .. 3 more]

Adolph .. The Latin form Adolphus arrived in Britain in mid-19th century, having been a German and Swedish royal name and also a saint's name ..
[Ad, Addolf, Addolph, Adolf, Adolfo, .. 8 more]

Albert .. Her many children and grandchildren carried the name to most of the royal families in Europe, but her eldest son's first move as king was to drop it ..
[Abert, Adalbert, Adalbrecht, Adalberto, Adelbert, .. 22 more]

Alexander .. It was a royal name in Scotland ..
[Al, Alasdair, Alastair, Alaster, Alaxander, .. 65 more]

Alphonse .. Alfonso is a royal name in Spain, thus very popular ..
[Affonso, Al, Alfie, Alfo, Alfons, .. 18 more]

Auberon .. (Old German) "Noble or royal bear." ..
[Auberron, Oberon, Oberron, Oeberon]

Baldwin .. Baudoin is a royal name in Belgium ..
[Bald, Baldewin, Baldovino, Balduin, Balduino, .. 5 more]

Bartram .. The raven was consecrated to Odin, the Norse god of war, and was the emblem of the Danish royal standard ..

Basil .. (Greek) "Royal, kingly." ..
[Basile, Basilic, Basilides, Basileios, Basilie, .. 18 more]

Bourbon .. Originally the surname of the royal family of France and Spain.

Chamberlain .. A chamberlain was an administrative post in a large royal or noble household ..
[Chambellan, Chamberlin, Chambers]

Clarence .. The title "Duke of Clarence" was created for a 14th-century royal prince who married a girl from the Clare family ..
[Claran, Clarance, Clarens, Claron, Clarons, .. 6 more]

Constantine .. Constantine was also the name of 11 Byzantine emperors, a royal name in Greece, and the name of three kings of medieval Scotland, where it is used as an anglicized form of Conn (Gaelic) ..
[Constans, Constanz, Constant, Constantin, Constantino, .. 5 more]

David .. In Scotland, David was a royal name ..
[Daffy, Daffyd, Dafydd, Dai, Dave, .. 16 more]

Duncan .. A royal name in early Scotland ..
[Dunc, Dunn]

Edgar .. A royal name in Anglo-Saxon England ..
[Eadgar, Eadger, Ed, Eddie, Eddy, .. 7 more]

Edmund .. Name of several early royal and saintly figures, including a popular king and saint of East Anglia in the ninth century ..
[Eadmund, Eamon, Eamonn, Ed, Eddie, .. 14 more]

Edward .. Used in the royal family by three Anglo-Saxon kings and eight kings of England since the Norman Conquest ..
[Duarte, Eadbhard, Eadward, Ed, Eddie, .. 22 more]

Fahd .. A royal name in Saudi Arabia that has connotations of courage and fierceness.
[Fahad, Fahed]

George .. George was a royal name in England, and in America, George Washington made it as popular ..
[Egor, Georas, Geordi, Geordie, Georg, .. 29 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Royal names: Abdullah, Adolph, Albert, Alexander, Alphonse, Basil, Clarence, Constantine, David, Duncan

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Royal names: Edgar, Edmund, Edward, George

Adolph, Albert, Alexander, Alphonse, Basil, Clarence, David, Duncan, Edgar, Edmund, Edward and George are commonly used names, while Abdullah, Auberon, Baldwin, Bartram, Bourbon, Chamberlain, Constantine and Fahd are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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