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Royalty Names

4 Royalty names and what they mean, for royalty for baby boys, listing 1-4. Alfonso and Charles are commonly used names, while Athelstan and Kasimir are rare in comparison. Here is the list of Royalty names for girls.

Alfonso .. Alfonso has been favoured by Spanish royalty, but is seldom used in America ..
[Affonso, Alfons, Alfonse, Alfonsin, Alfonsino, .. 13 more]

Athelstan .. Used by Anglo-Saxon royalty and revived somewhat by Sir Walter Scott's use of it in "Ivanhoe" ..

Charles .. Charles and its variant forms have been favoured by the royalty of several countries, including the present Prince of Wales ..
[Carel, Carl, Carlo, Carlos, Carrol, .. 22 more]

Kasimir .. Also a favored name of Polish royalty ..
[Kaz, Kazimierz, Kazimir, Kazmer]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Royalty names: Alfonso, Charles

Featured categories: aristocracy, chief, chieftain, cut, emperor, empire, gate, king, monarch, nobility, prince, quality, rank, royal, ruler.

Dane .. This surname might have indicated Danish ancestry, or if the person lived near the English River Dane ..
[Dain, Daine, Danon, Dayne, Dayner]

Baron .. It is rare to find such nobility names in countries where there is an official aristocracy ..
[Baronicio, Barr, Barren, Barron]

Martin .. Saint Martin de Porres (16th and 17th century), a man of mixed Spanish and Indian blood, is patron of work for interracial justice and harmony ..
[Marinos, Mart, Martel, Martell, Marten, .. 12 more]

Abner .. Biblical: King Saul of Israel's army chief, a valiant warrior and clever strategist ..
[Ab, Abbey, Abbie, Abby, Abe, .. 8 more]

Caradoc .. The British chieftain Caractacus, son of Cunobelinos, was a man of proud bearing who rebelled against Roman rule in the first century AD.

Fares .. A name associated with chivalry.

Barber .. The French word for "beard" is "barbe", and in the past, men who wished to have their facial hair cut or trimmed would have it done professionally, as not everyone possessed a razor.
[Barbar, Barbour]

Eligius .. "Elect." ..
[Eligia, Eligio, Eligiusz, Eloi, Eloy, .. 1 more]

Adrian .. The name was borne by the Roman emperor Publius Aelius Hadrianus (second century AD) ..
[Ade, Adiran, Adrain, Adrean, Adreean, .. 22 more]

Abraham .. The name was used from the 16th century, and various early saints of the Eastern Roman Empire also bore this name ..
[Ab, Abarran, Abe, Aberham, Abey, .. 17 more]

Colgate .. "Dark gate." ..

Abbas .. In Arabic, this name is used to refer to a lion, equivalent to referring to the king of the beasts as Leo in the English-speaking world ..
[Ab, Abba, Abbe, Abbey, Abbie, .. 1 more]

Darius .. Historical: Darius (in Persian, Dariush) the Great assumed the kingship of Babylon after its conquest by Cyrus in fifth century BC ..
[Darias, Dariess, Dario, Darious, Darrius, .. 2 more]

Pratap .. "Majesty."

Wenceslaus .. King Wenceslas, patron saint of the Czech Republic, was a 10th-century monarch of Bohemia and a martyr for faith ..
[Venceslao, Vlacheslav, Vyachaslav, Vyacheslav, Wenceslas, .. 3 more]

Barnett .. Other ranks of English nobility such as Duke, Earl, and Baron are occasionally used as given names.
[Barnet, Barney, Barnie, Baronet, Baronett, .. 3 more]


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