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Roderick - Roy

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Roderick 1 .. Roderic and Rodric are Scottish forms .. Moderately uncommon as a birth name for boys, existing more conventionally as a last name. The variations Rodrigo and Broderick are generally used as variant forms of Roderick. [Broderick, Brodrick, Rhodric, Rodderick, .. , Ruy, .. 29 more]

Roy 2 .. As a short form of names like Leroy, Roy is also a form of the Old French term roi, meaning "king" .. Roy has fallen off in popularity as a birth name for boys over time. See also Rei. [Rey, Roi, Ruy, .. 1 more]

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[Roderick - Roy]
Roderick [Ruy, Rory, Roric, Rurek, Rurik, Rodryk, Rorick, Rodryck, Rodrique, Rodriquez, ..], Roy [Roi, Ruy, Rey, Royer]