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Roderick - Roy

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Roderick 1 .. Roderic and Rodric are Scottish forms .. Roddy and variants grew in popularity in the 1960s and are almost as popular today, but with Rod, Roderick and Rodrick becoming less in vogue. [Broderick, Brodrick, Rod, Roddric, Roddrick, Roderich, Roderyck, Rodric, Rodrick, Rodrigo, Ruy, .. 23 more]

Roy 2 .. As a short form of names .. Roy (Upper 5%) and Rey (96%) are recognizable as first names, while Roi, Royer and Ruy are atypical. [Rey, Roi, Ruy, .. 1 more]

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[Roderick - Roy]
Roderick [Ruy, Rory, Roric, Rurek, Rurik, Rodryk, Rorick, Rodryck, ..], Roy [Roi, Ruy, Rey, Royer]