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Conley 46 .. .. Saint Conlaodh or ConlŠed was .. Conley is a scarce masculine name, appearing frequently (Upper 1%) as a last name. See also Conlen.

Conrad 47 .. .. name of nine saints, including a 10 .. Conrad, Konrad (cmp. Schrad, Coonrad) are popular last names ending with -rad. [Con, Corrado, Curt, Kort, .. 6 more]

Constant 48 .. .. reference to determination in following Saint Peter's exhortations to be .. Not that prominent as a baby name, Constant is used more frequently as a last name. See also Konstant.

Corbinian 49 .. .. of a Frankish saint (seventh century). Not in Top 1000.

Corin 50 .. .. Name of several saints. In the .. Corin, Korrin, etc. are not frequently used as baby names. [Coren, .. 5 more]

Cormac 51 .. .. Saint Cormac (10th century), bishop and .. Cormac, Cormack and Cormick were not among 2014's Top names. [Cormack, Cormick]

Cornelius 52 .. .. who is venerated as a saint .. A slightly quaint children's name, Cornelius exists more conventionally as a last name. [Con, Corneille, Cornelus, Cornilius, Kornelious, Neely, .. 13 more]

Cosmo 53 .. Saint Cosmos, a martyr, was patron saint of the Italian .. Not that popular as a children's name, Cosmo is used more commonly as a surname. [Cosimo, Cosme, .. 1 more]

Crispin 54 .. .. Saint Crispin was a third century .. Popular last names. Compare Crispin, Crepin, Crespin, Crisspin, and surnames Capinpin, Rippin, which also end with -pin. [Crepin, Crispus, Crisspin, .. 4 more]

Cuthbert 55 .. .. of two English saints in the .. Not in Top 1000. [Cuddy]

Cyrano 56 .. .. was a seventh century French saint. Popular last names. Compare Cyrano, and surnames Arano, Cesarano, with the -rano ending. [Cyran]

Cyril 57 .. .. at least eight saints, including the .. Rare. Cyril (cmp. Jeril, Danil) ends with the popular masculine -il. [Ciril, .. 9 more]

Cyrus 58 .. .. a fourth century saint, a doctor .. Cyrus and variants became less trendy last year, falling on average -9 rankings as baby names with Cyrus leading the fall. [Ciro, Cy]

Dace 59 .. May also be used as a .. Unique. Dace (cmp. Pace, Cace) ends with the favored androgynous-sounding -ace. [Dacey, .. 2 more]

Dallan 60 .. Saint Dallan of Ireland (sixth century) .. Dalan (Upper 73%), Dallen (55%), Dallin (44%), Dallon (76%) and Dalon (80%) are found frequently as last names. [Dal, .. 5 more]

Damian 61 .. .. Saint Damien (third century) is known .. Popular last names, like last names Perian, Gallian, which also end with -ian. [Daemon, Damianus, Damien, Damion, Damon, Damyen, Daymian, Daymon, .. 11 more]

Darius 62 .. .. of an obscure saint who was .. Darius, Darias, Dario, like Darfus, Darian, are popular last names beginning with Dar-. [Darias, Dario, Derry, .. 4 more]

David 63 .. .. Saint David (sixth century) is the .. Usage of David and variants as children's names in 2014 was down 7% compared to a year ago. [Daffy, Daffyd, Davide, Davin, Daven, Davyd, Davyn, .. 14 more]

Declan 64 .. .. of an Irish saint (sixth century) .. Unusual. Compare Declan, and common last names Decola, Decrane, with the Dec- prefix.

Delphin 65 .. .. Saint Delphin (fourth century) was a .. Delfin (Upper 13%), Delfino (10%), Delphin (56%) and Delvin (80%) occur frequently as last names. [Delfin, Delfinos, Delphinos, Delvin, .. 4 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Saint names: Conrad, Cornelius, Cyril, Cyrus, Damian, Darius, David, Declan

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