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9 Scientist baby names and what they mean, for scientist, science. Adoption of these boy names was at its peak 104 years ago (usage of 1.92%) and has become much diminished since (usage 0.16%, down 92%), with names such as Newton becoming less in vogue. Blaise (#845) and Cormac (#1028) are two of the more trendy birth names among these.

Albert - Newton

.. the application of science to the .. Alberth is also a slightly prominent boys' name. [Abert, Adalbrecht, Alberto, Bertie, Dalbert, Ulbricht, .. 22 more]

.. child prodigy, mathematician, scientist, and philosopher .. Blaise (top 10%), comparable to Baise (top 28%), Barwise (93%), is a popular -ise suffix surname. [Blais, Blayze, .. 4 more]

.. schools of military science, law, and .. A conventional boys' name. [Cormack, Cormick]

.. century soldier and science fiction writer .. Cyran and Cyrano are scantly used as male names, and Cyran appears frequently (top 25%) as a last name. [Cyran]

.. to statesman and scientist Benjamin Franklin .. Franklin and Frank are in the Top 2000. [Francklin, Francklyn, Franklynn, .. 3 more]

Top 2000 baby names ranking of Scientist names: Albert, Blaise, Cormac, Franklin, Louis, Newton

.. as a writer, scientist and adventurer. Kenelm, Kenhelm and Kennelm were not Top birth names in 2014. [Kenhelm, .. 1 more]

.. scientist Louis Pasteur; authors Louis L'Amour .. Usage of Ludvik and variants peaked during 1880-1889 and is now reduced, with Lew becoming somewhat outmoded. [Aloysius, Lewes, Lewis, Lou, Louie, Ludwig, Luis, .. 9 more]

.. Roman god of science and commerce .. Mercury, Mercuree, etc. are rarely found as male names. [Mercure, .. 2 more]

.. scientist Isaac Newton. Less widespread today. Newton was last listed in 1970-1979 in the Top 2000.

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1. Albert - Newton
Albert [Bert, Berty, Bertie, Elbert, Delbert, Dalbert, Elbrecht, Ulbricht, ..], Blaise [Blais, Blaze, Blase, Blaize, Blayze, Blaisdell], Cormac [Cormack, Cormick], Cyrano [Cyran], Franklin [Frank, Franklyn, Francklyn, Francklin, Franklinn, Franklynn], Kenelm [Kenhelm, Kennelm], Louis [Luis, Lucho, Luigi, Ludvig, Ludvik, Ludwig, Ludovic, Ludovicus, ..], Mercury [Mercure, Mercuree, Mercurey], Newton

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