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Baby Names of Scottish Origin for Boys

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Scottish names

Scottish names are appealing to parents nowadays, though pronunciations can be tricky. Baby names of Scottish origin, for scottish, scotland, scots.

Usage of these boy names reached its highest in 1992 (usage of 0.1599%) and is almost as conventional today (usage 0.138%, down 13.7%), but with names such as Craig, Marquis, Nigel, Douglas and Todd becoming somewhat dated. The most fashionable names for newborns here are Knox (#286), Lennox (#585), Rory (#416), Callan (#668) and Gael (#213). Broudy (top 48%) and Cadden (16%) are conventional surnames.

Here is the list of Scottish names for girls.

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Page 1/11 of 219 Scottish names.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Scottish names: Alec, Alexander, Andrew, Angus, Archibald

Adair 1 .. Also a Scottish surname. Not in popularity charts.

Aeneas 2 .. .. In Scotland this name was sometimes .. Not in popularity charts.

Aime 3 .. .. variant once well used in Scotland. Aime (upper 24%), like Dime (upper 99%), is a popular -me suffix surname. Cross-gender use.

Ainsley 4 .. .. use of the Scottish surname Ainslie .. Gender-neutral name. Ainsley is a scarcely used masculine name, occurring frequently (upper 22%) as a last name.

Alasdair 5 .. Scottish Gaelic form of Alexander, often .. Unisex name. Not Top 1000 name.

Alastair [Alasdair, Alistair, Allaster, .. more] 6 .. "Man's defender." Al is commonly used as a variant form of Alastair. Scottish variant of Alistair, from Alexander ..

Alec 7 .. "Man's defender, warrior." Alecai, Alecau and Aualec are kreatif forms. Short form of Alexander.

Alexander [Alasdair, Alastair, Alec, Alistair, .. more] 8 .. .. was a royal name in Scotland .. Ranked in Top 1000.

Alistair [Alastair, .. more] 9 .. Scottish spelling of Alasdair, the Gaelic .. Unique, with the -ir ending for Alistair, Alastair, like Abir.

Allaster 10 .. "Man's defender." Outside Top 1000. See also Allistir. Variant spelling of Alistair ..

Alpin 11 .. "Fair." Alpin, Macalpin, etc. are seldom found as men's names. From Albinus (Latin) "white" via Ailpein.

Andrew 12 .. .. patron saint of Scotland and Russia .. A very familiar boys' name (#22 in 2014), Andrew is also used conventionally as a surname. Unisex name.

Angus 13 .. Scottish: Anglicized form of the Gaelic .. A somewhat untypical boys' name, Angus is found more often as a last name. See also Argus.

Aodh 14 .. "Fire." Not Top 1000 names. Modern form of the Old Gaelic ..

Aonghas 15 .. Modern Scottish Gaelic form and source .. Not in Top 1000.

Archibald 16 .. .. popular largely in Scotland, where it .. Rare. Archibald, like Arnald, uses the -ld ending.

Argyle 17 .. Place name .. Rather unusual as a birth name, Argyle exists more frequently as a surname.

Arran 18 .. Place name .. Uncommon as a children's name, but Arran is comparable to the more common Aron. See also Orran.

Artair 19 .. Variant of Arthur. Uncommon, with the -ir ending, like Alaisdair. See also Altair.

Athol 20 .. .. of Atholl, in Scotland, is the .. Athol is rare as a birth name. See also Athos.

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Summary of names (grouped by variations) for Scottish names for boys.

Adair - Athol
Adair, Aeneas, Aime, Ainsley, Alasdair, Alastair [Allaster, ..], Alec, Alexander [Sandy, ..], Alistair [Alastair], Allaster, Alpin, Andrew, Angus [Ennis], Aodh, Aonghas, Archibald [Baldie], Argyle, Arran, Artair, Athol

Baird - Caird
Baird, Baldie, Balfour, Bannock, Barclay, Beck, Blackburn, Blair, Bourne, Bowie, Boyd, Bram, Brody, Bruce, Bryce, Buchanan, Busby, Caden, Cailean, Caird

Cairn - Dallas
Cairn, Callan [Cailean], Calum, Camden, Cameron [Kameron], Campbell, Carmichael, Carson, Chalmers, Christie, Clyde, Coburn, Colin [Cailean], Coll, Collin, Conall, Constantine, Craig, Creighton, Dallas

Dalziel - Egor
Dalziel, Darnley, David, Dee, Denholm, Dirk, Dixon, Donald [Donnell], Donnell, Douglas, Duane, Duncan, Dundee, Dunlop, Dunmore, Eachann, Edan, Edom, Edsel, Egor

Eibhear - Fergus
Eibhear, Elgin, Ellair, Elliot, Ennis, Errol, Erskine, Ervin, Esme, Euan [Owen, ..], Eunan, Evan [Owen, ..], Evander, Ewan [Euan], Ewart, Fairbairn, Faolan [Fillan], Farquhar, Fergal, Fergus

Fife - Gillemartin
Fife [Fyfe], Fillan [Faolan], Fingal, Finlay, Forbes, Fraser [Fraser], Fulton, Fyfe [Fife], Gael, Gahan, Galbraith, Garron, Gavin, Geddes, Gibbes, Gilbride, Gillanders, Gillean, Gillecalum, Gillemartin

Gilleonain - Hume
Gilleonain, Gillespie, Gillies, Gilroy, Gilzean, Gladstone, Glendon, Gordon, Graham, Grant, Gregor, Gregory [Gregor], Grey, Hamilton, Hamish, Hector, Henry [Eanraig], Hercules, Hewie, Hume

Ian - Lydell
Ian, Innes [Ennis], Irving [Ervin], Ivor [Egor], James [Jaime], Kade, Kameron [Cameron], Keith, Kendrew, Kirk, Knox, Laird, Lamont, Leith, Lennox, Leslie, Lorne, Lundy, Lyall, Lydell

Mac - Morven
Mac, Macadam, Macallister, Macardle, Macarthur, Maccoy [Maccoy], Macdonald, Macdougal [Macdougal], Machenry, Macniel, Magnus, Malcolm, Marcus [Marcas], Marquis, Marshall, Mc- [Mac], Melville, Monroe, Montgomery, Morven

Muir - Roderick
Muir, Mungo, Murdock, Murray, Nairn, Napier, Neil, Nicol, Nigel, Owen [Ewan], Paisley, Patterson, Quade, Quinn, Ralston, Ramsay, Rance, Rankin, Robert, Roderick [Rory]

Ronald - Watt
Ronald, Rory, Roslin, Ross, Sandy, Scott, Selkirk, Skye, Stennis, Stuart, Sutherland, Tadhg, Tandie, Tay, Thane, Todd, Torquil, Wallace, Watt