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Second Names

Page 1/2. 30 Second names and what they mean, for second for baby boys, listing 1-20.

Abel .. Biblical: the second son of Adam and Eve ..
[Abe, Abele, Abell, Abelson, Abey, .. 3 more]

Adrian .. The name was borne by the Roman emperor Publius Aelius Hadrianus (second century AD) ..
[Ade, Adiran, Adrain, Adrean, Adreean, .. 22 more]

Alfred .. Queen Victoria named her second son Alfred ..
[Ahlfred, Ailfred, Ailfrid, Ailfryd, Al, .. 16 more]

Aniketos .. The name has survived in a small way in Catholic countries because of a second-century martyred pope who was later canonized.
[Aniceto, Anicetus, Anisio]

Archimedes .. The name of a brilliant Greek mathematician in the second century BC.
[Arkimedes, Arquimedes]

Aristotle .. Made famous by the Greek philosopher Aristotle, and given prominence in recent years by the fame of Jacqueline Kennedy's second husband, shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis.
[Ari, Arie, Aristotelis, Aristotellis, Arri, .. 1 more]

Boaz .. Biblical: names of several characters, including the second husband of Ruth, who treats her generously ..
[Boas, Boase]

Da- .. Pronunciation emphasis is on the second syllable ..
[D'Amante, D'Amico, D'Andre, D'Angelo, Dajohn, .. 19 more]

Danube Geography name: the second largest river in Europe, it flows through Germany, Austria, Hungary, and into the Black Sea.

Darnley .. Henry Stewart, Lord Darnley, was the second husband of Mary, Queen of Scots, and father of James VI of Scotland and I of England.

De- .. Pronunciation emphasis is on the second syllable .. Capitalizing the second syllable is optional ..
[Deandre, Deangelo, Deante, Deanthony, Dejohn, .. 34 more]

Eustace .. According to legend, Saint Eustace (second century) was a Roman general who was converted and martyred ..
[Estachio, Eustache, Eustachios, Eustachius, Eustachy, .. 9 more]

Gaius .. Also a biblical name, and the name of a Roman jurist in the second century ..
[Cai, Caio, Kay, Kaye, Keye, .. 2 more]

Galen .. The name of a second-century Greek physician whose research provided a basis for accepted medical practices for 1500 years.
[Gaelan, Gaillen, Galan, Galeno, Galin, .. 10 more]

Hadrian .. The Roman emperor Hadrianus (second century AD) was a gifted writer and architect ..
[Adrian, Adriano, Adrien, Hadrien]

Ja- .. Pronunciation emphasis is on the second syllable ..
[Jalen, Jalenn, Jamaine, Jamar, Jamari, .. 12 more]

Je- .. Pronunciation emphasis is on the second syllable.
[Ja-, Jemar, Jemario, Jerae, Jerell, .. 5 more]

Jedidiah .. Biblical: a "blessing" name given in infancy to King Solomon, David's second son by Bathsheba.
[Jed, Jedadiah, Jedd, Jedediah]

Jiro .. (Japanese) "Second son."

Justin .. Saint Justin (second century) was a Greek philosopher who wrote of the moral values of Christianity ..
[Giustino, Giusto, Joos, Joost, Justain, .. 13 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Second names: Abel, Adrian, Alfred, Galen, Jedidiah, Justin

Abel, Adrian, Alfred, Galen and Justin are commonly used names, while Aniketos, Archimedes, Aristotle, Boaz, Danube, Darnley, Eustace, Gaius, Hadrian, Jedidiah and Jiro are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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