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Seduced Names

Seduced names and what they mean, for seduced for males.

Abelard - Lancelot

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Abelard 1 .. Made famous by the 12th-century French philosopher Pierre Abelard, who fell in love with and seduced his student Heloise .. A baby name which is only intermittently used. The variation Abe is prevalent as a form of Abelard. [Ab, Abbey, Abe, Abelardo, .. 2 more]

Lancelot 2 .. Name of the famous knight of the Round Table who seduced King Arthur's wife, Guinevere. Lancelot is an infrequently used first name. [Launcelot]

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[Abelard - Lancelot]
Abelard [Ab, Abe, Abel, Abby, Abbey, Abelardo], Lancelot [Launcelot]


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