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Shakespeare Names

Page 1 of 2. 26 Shakespeare names related to or that mean shakespeare for boys, listing Shakespeare baby names 1-20. Arden, Ariel, Benedict, Byron, Duncan, Edgar, Hal, Malcolm, Romeo and Sebastian are popular names. Auberon, Bardolf, Cassius, Festus, Garrick, Hamlet, Iago, Lennox, Lysander and Oberon are uncommon names. View Shakespeare baby names below for name meanings or search Shakespeare names for girls.

Arden ... Surname of Shakespeare's mother ... and also the name of the magically beautiful forest in Shakespeare's "As You Like It".
[Ard, Arda, Ardie, Ardin, Ardon, ... 2 more]

Ariel ... Literary: Shakespeare gave this name to a prankish spirit who can disappear at will in "The Tempest" ... and though Shakespeare's Ariel is male ...
[Aeriel, Aeriell, Airel, Airyel, Airyell, ... 7 more]

Auberon ... King of the Fairies in Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" ...
[Auberron, Oberon, Oberron, Oeberon]

Bardolf ... A drunken fool named Bardolph appears in four of Shakespeare's plays.
[Bardolph, Bardou, Bardoul, Bardulf, Bardulph]

Benedict ... Shakespeare's Benedick in "Much Ado About Nothing" is a self-assured, witty bachelor ...
[Ben, Bendick, Bendict, Benedetto, Benedick, ... 18 more]

Byron ... Literary: the variant form Biron was the name of a character in Shakespeare's "Love's Labours Lost".
[Beyren, Beyron, Biren, Biron, Buiron, ... 5 more]

Cassius ... Shakespeare's Julius Caesar depicts Caius Cassius as politically ambitious ...
[Cash, Cass, Cassio]

Duncan ... Literary: in Shakespeare's "Macbeth" ...
[Dunc, Dunn]

Edgar ... Literary: in Shakespeare's "King Lear" ...
[Eadgar, Eadger, Ed, Eddie, Eddy, ... 7 more]

Festus ... Literary: %2 is the name of the Fool in Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" (16th century).

Garrick ... 18th century English actor David Garrick helped revive the fame of Shakespeare ...
[Garek, Garreck, Garrik, Garryck, Garryk]

Hal ... In Shakespeare's plays about Henry IV ...

Hamlet ... Literary: Hamlet is the Danish prince in Shakespeare's book ...
[Hammet, Hammett, Hammond, Hamnet, Hamnett]

Iago ... Literary: name of the villain in Shakespeare's "Othello".
[Jago, Yago]

Lennox ... appears in Shakespeare's "Macbeth".

Lysander ... Also the name of a character in Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" ...
[Lesandro, Lisandro, Lizandro, Lysandros]

Malcolm ... Shakespeare's play was based on the true story ...
[Malcom, Malcolum, Malkolm]

Oberon ... From Auberon. Literary: the King of the Fairies in Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" ...
[Auberon, Auberron, Oberron]

Romeo ... Shakespeare used the name for his tragic young hero in the famous romance "Romeo and Juliet".

Sebastian ... Shakespeare gave the name to the twin brother of Viola in "Twelfth Night" ...
[Bastian, Bastien, Sabastian, Seb, Sebastiano, ... 3 more]

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Top 1000 baby names ranking of Shakespeare names: Arden, Ariel, Benedict, Byron, Cassius, Duncan, Edgar, Garrick, Hal, Lennox

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Shakespeare names: Malcolm, Romeo, Sebastian


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