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John - Shawn

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John 1 .. Biblical .. Very popular given name (#26 last year), and also found somewhat often as a surname. The forms Shawn, Juwan, Jonnie, Johnnie, Jean, Jack, Hans and Ean are commonly used as variations of this name. [Anno, Eian, Euan, Ewan, .. , Shane, .. 80 more]

Sean 2 .. Variant of John .. Both a masculine and a feminine name. The variant forms Sean, Shawn and Shane have risen in favor with parents. The variation Shaun is familiar as a form of the name. [Seancarlo, Seanpatrick, Shane, Shaughn, .. , .. 2 more]

Shane 3 .. "God is gracious." Also suitable as a girls' name. The name Shane has gained increasing favor as a given name. The form Shayne is prevalent as a version of Shane. .. 1960s due to the film "Shane" .. [Shaine, Shayne, .. 1 more]

Shawn 4 .. .. Michael. See also Shane. Basketball player .. The name Shawn has risen in favor as a given name for baby boys. See also Shaw. [Shaun, Shaundre, Shawnell, Shonn, .. 3 more]

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[John - Shawn]
John [Zane, Shawn, Shaun, Vanek, Vanya, Yanno, Yanni, Vanko, ..], Sean [Shawn, Shane, Shaun, Shaughn, Seanmark, Seancarlo, Seanpatrick], Shane [Shayn, Shaine, Shayne], Shawn [Shonn, Shaun, Shawnn, Shaughn, Shawnel, Shawnell, Shaundre]