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Sheep Names

8 Sheep names and what they mean, for sheep for baby boys, listing 1-8. Here is the list of Sheep names for girls.

Penn .. Probably an occupational name referring to a person who lived or worked around a sheep pen ..

Shepley .. (Old English) "Sheep meadow." ..
[Sheplea, Shepleigh, Shepply, Shipley]

Shipton .. (Old English) "Sheep village." ..

Spiridon .. Name of a fourth-century Cypriot sheep farmer who became a bishop and a popular Greek saint ..
[Speero, Spero, Spiridion, Spiro, Spiros, .. 2 more]

Tupper .. (Old English) "Ram, male sheep." ..

Wetherby .. (Old English) "Wether-sheep farm." .. A wether is a castrated male sheep, and a bell-wether is a wether which wears a bell and leads other sheep ..
[Weatherbey, Weatherbie, Weatherby, Wetherbey, Wetherbie]

Wetherell .. (Old English) "Wether-sheep corner." ..
[Weatherell, Weatherill, Wetherill, Wethrill]

Wetherly .. (Old English) "Wether-sheep meadow." ..
[Weatherley, Weatherly, Wetherleigh, Wetherley]

Popularity of Sheep baby names

Penn, Shepley, Shipton, Spiridon, Tupper, Wetherby, Wetherell and Wetherly are rare names. (2000 U.S. Census)

Featured categories: assembly, congregation, flock, lamb, monkey, ram, society, square, wether.

Butler .. Nicholas Murray Butler was an influential president of Columbia University in the early 20th century.

Abraham .. The name was popular while Abraham Lincoln was president and even after his assasination.
[Ab, Abarran, Abe, Aberham, Abey, .. 17 more]

Darrien .. May possibly be a reference to the eastern part of Panama known as Darien, which later gave its name to one of New York City's posh suburbs ..
[Darian, Darion, Darrian, Darrion, Darryan, .. 1 more]

Romney .. Painter George Romney.

Suffolk ..

Dailey .. (Irish, Gaelic) "Assembly."
[Daley, Daly, Daily]

Deacon .. A deacon is a ministerial assistant in a Christian congregation ..
[Deakin, Deecon, Deekon, Deke, Dekel, .. 2 more]

Scribner .. (Old English) "Scribe, copier." ..

Ewart .. It may be a Norman form of Edward, an occupational name for a ewe-herder, or a local name from a place in Northumbria ..
[Evart, Evarts, Evert, Ewert]

Adriel .. (Hebrew) "Of God's flock." ..

Cordero .. (Spanish) "Lamb."

Marcel .. French mime, Marcel Marceau, combined two variants of this name ..
[Marceau, Marcelin, Marcellin, Marcellino, Marcell, .. 5 more]


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