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Side Names for boys

Page 1/2. 6 Side names and what they mean, for side for males.

Amory .. Scott Fitzgerald used this name for Amory Blaine, the hero of his first best-selling novel, "This Side of Paradise" ..
[Aimory, Amery, Amorey, Amry]

Brant .. Brant County and Brantford in southern Ontario are named for Joseph Brant, a Mohawk and renowned strategist who fought on the British side during the American Revolution ..
[Brandt, Brannt, Brantley, Brantt]

Cliff .. (Old English) "Cliff-side slope." ..
[Cliffe, Clyff, Clyffe]

Clifford .. (Old English) "Cliff-side ford." ..
[Cliff, Clyff, Clyfford, Clyford]

Dooley .. In the early 20th century author Finley Peter Dunne wrote popular newspaper essays that saw the world through the eyes of Martin Dooley, a fictitious Irish bartender on Chicago's West Side ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Side names: Brant, Cliff, Clifford

Brant (Top 25%), Cliff (Top 50%) and Clifford (Top 88%) are common first names, while Amory and Dooley are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

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