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Silver names and what they mean, for silver for men. Here is the list of Silver names for girls. These boy names were at the height of their popularity in 1890-1899 and are almost as popular today. Sterling (#508) is the most fashionable birth name in this list, with this name enjoying a rebound in popularity.

Antenor - Eirian

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Antenor 1 .. South American silver magnate Antenor Patino. Distinctive as a name for baby boys, occurring more conventionally as a last name.

Argento 2 .. Source fr. Latin word. "Silver." Atypical as a given name, Argento is used more conventionally as a last name. See also Arseno. The country of Argentina is named for the silver its early Spanish settlers hoped to find there, but did not. [Argentio, .. 1 more]

Arjuna 3 .. Refers to the whiteness of milk, silver, lightning, and the dawn .. Arjuna is uncommon as a men's name. [Arjun]

Comstock 4 .. The Comstock Lode of silver in Nevada, discovered by scout and trapper Henry Comstock, was the richest silver mine in America in the 19th century. Unusual as a name for newborns, existing more frequently as a surname.

Eirian 5 .. Origin fr. Welsh. "Silver." Uncommon as a given name. Both a masculine and a feminine name. ..

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[Antenor - Eirian]
Antenor, Argento [Argentio, Argentino], Arjuna [Arjun], Comstock, Eirian

[Gorham - Taji]
Gorham, Sheffield, Silver [Sylver], Silverman [Silberman, Silbermann], Silverton [Silvertown], Sterling [Sterlyn, Stirling], Taji