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Silver names and what they mean, for silver for men. Here is the list of Silver names for girls. These boy names were at the apex of their popularity during 1890-1899 (usage of 0.051%) and are almost as popular today (usage 0.041%, down 19.6%). Sterling (#508) is the most chic birth name in this list, and there is also a rekindling in baby name usage for this name.

Antenor - Taji

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Antenor 1 .. .. South American silver magnate Antenor Patino. A rare baby name, Antenor is used more frequently as a last name. See also Antino.

Argento 2 .. Derivative of Latin word. "Silver." Rather quirky as a birth name, Argento exists more commonly as a surname. .. named for the silver its early .. [Argentio, .. 1 more]

Arjuna 3 .. .. whiteness of milk, silver, lightning, and .. Arjun and Arjuna are scarce as male names, and Arjun exists commonly (upper 72%) as a last name. [Arjun]

Comstock 4 .. .. Comstock Lode of silver in Nevada .. Popular as last name. Compare Comstock (top 2%) with common last names Chittock (top 81%), Colestock (38%), which also end with -ock.

Eirian 5 .. Source fr. Welsh element. "Silver." Rare, but Eirian is comparable to popular surnames Eierman (upper 64%), Eiras (87%), which also begin with Ei-. Unisex name. Derived from arian ..

Gorham 6 .. .. name of a silver company based .. Unique. Gorham (cf. Wyndham, Isham) ends with the familiar masculine -ham. See also Graham.

Sheffield 7 .. .. process for plating copper with silver. Popular as last name, and Sheffield (top 1%) is comparable to popular -ield surnames Ahlfield (top 79%), Shenefield (27%). See also Suffield.

Silver 8 Based on the word, or possibly .. Common as surnames, and Silver (upper 1%) is comparable to popular Silv- last names Silvera (upper 10%), Silvis (10%). [Sylver]

Silverman 9 .. Origin fr. Old German language. "Silver worker." Rather uncommon as a birth name, Silverman is used more conventionally as a surname. Occupational name. [Silberman, .. 1 more]

Silverton 10 .. Derived fr. Old English word. "Silver town." Not in Top 1000. Place name. [Silvertown]

Sterling 11 .. .. to pre medieval refiners of silver .. Sterling, Stirling (cf. Skilling, Niebling) are popular -ling suffix last names. [Sterlyn, .. 1 more]

Taji 12 .. Stems fr. Japanese. "Silver and yellow color." Taji is not a Top 1000 name. Gender-neutral name.

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Antenor, Argento [2], Arjuna [1], Comstock, Eirian, Gorham, Sheffield, Silver [1], Silverman [2], Silverton [1], Sterling [2], Taji