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Alastair - Simon

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Alastair 1 .. Actor Alistair Sim. Uncommon as a baby name. Both a masculine and a feminine name. [Al, Alasteir, Alaisdair, Aleister, Alistar, .. 21 more]

Alistair 2 .. Actor Alistair Sim. Alistair is a scantly used men's name. See also Alasteir. [Alastair, Aleister, Alister, .. 5 more]

Simmons 3 .. Music producer Russell Simmons. Simmons is an uncommon masculine name, appearing commonly (Top 1%) as a last name according to the US Census. The variation Sim is familiar as a variant form of the name. [Semmes, Sim, Syms, .. 3 more]

Simon 4 .. Biblical: Simon was the name of two of the apostles, including Simon Peter .. The name Simon has increased in popularity over the years since 1960-1969. The form Sim is common as a version of the name. [Shimon, Sim, Simen, Simmons, .. , .. 10 more]

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[Alastair - Simon]
Alastair [Alyster, Allistir, Allister, Allyster, Alysdair, Alystair, Alysdare, Allistair, Allysdair, Allystair, ..], Alistair [Aly, Alastor, Alister, Aleister, Alastair, Allister, Alisdair, Alistaire], Simmons [Sim, Syms, Simms, Semmes, Symonds, Simmonds], Simon [Syms, Simms, Symms, Symon, Simone, Szymon, Simmons, Simpson, Simmonds, Simonson, ..]