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Sinister Names

2 Sinister names and what they mean, for sinister for baby boys, listing 1-2. Lonnie is a commonly used name, while Osman is rare in comparison.

Lonnie .. Sinister film actor Lon Chaney.
[Lon, Lonell, Lonn, Lonne, Lonnell, .. 1 more]

Osman .. Henry James used this name for a sinister character Gilbert Osmond in "The Portrait of a Lady" ..
[Osment, Osmin, Osmond, Osmonde, Osmont, .. 2 more]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Sinister names: Lonnie

Featured categories: bad, black, crooked, dark, hard, opposed, port, unlucky.

Jonah .. Biblical: because Jonah was on board a ship when God caused it to sink, sailors have traditionally used the name to personify someone who brings bad luck ..
[Jonas, Jonasco]

Adham .. "Black." ..

Cameron .. "Crooked nose." .. Also possibly means "crooked stream" or "crooked hill" ..
[Cam, Camaeron, Camedon, Camren, Camron, .. 4 more]

Amaury Variant of Maurice (Latin) "dark-skinned, moorish".

Nalin .. In Buddhism and the Hindu religion, the lotus, a beautiful flower that flourishes in muddy waters, is symbolic of enlightenment found in difficult situations.

Hashim .. "Crusher of evil."
[Hasheem, Hisham]

Adonis .. The name has come to mean a paragon of male beauty, making it very hard to live with.
[Addonia, Adohnes, Adon, Adones, Adonys]

Doherty .. "Harmful." ..
[Docherty, Dougherty, Douherty]

Fachtna .. "Hostile, malicious." ..

Hyman .. The name was traditionally added to an ill person's name in hope of recovery.
[Hayim, Hayyim, Hymen, Hymie, Mannie]

Bartlet .. The liberal, scholarly President on the TV series "The West Wing" is called Josiah Bartlett, a name with old-money New England connotations.
[Bartlett, Bartlitt]

Fachtna .. "Hostile, malicious." ..

Bede .. He is also supposedly the first documented writer of English (as opposed to Latin) prose, though his English works have been lost.

Bergen .. Bergen is a major port city in Norway.
[Bergin, Birgin]

Abbas .. "Stern, somber." ..
[Ab, Abba, Abbe, Abbey, Abbie, .. 1 more]

Gaston .. Also the name of the unlucky and boorish suitor in Disney's film of "Beauty and the Beast".


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