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Alexander - Conan

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Alexander 1 .. .. actors Sir Alec Guinness, Alec Baldwin .. Alexan and forms rose in popularity in 2004 and are almost as popular now, but with Sandy, Allie, Alexandro and Al becoming less in vogue. [Al, Alaster, Alcander, Alec, Alek, Aleksander, Aleksandr, Aleksanteri, Alesandro, Alessandro, .. 60 more]

Allaster 2 .. .. a minstrel in Sir Walter Scott's .. Uncommon. Allaster, like Coster, Forster, ends with the favored masculine -ster. See also Allaistar.

Ashton 3 .. .. Choreographer Sir Frederick Ashton; museum executive .. Ashton, Aston, etc. became more trendy in 2014, gaining +9 positions as boys' names with Ashton leading the upswing. [Ash, Ashford, .. 4 more]

Athelstan 4 .. .. revived somewhat by Sir Walter Scott's .. Athelstan is not a Top 1000 name.

Barry 5 .. .. the fame of Sir James Barrie .. Common as surnames. Compare Barry (upper 1%), Berry (1%) with popular surnames Sharry (upper 46%), Gerry (6%), which also end with -rry. [Bari, Barree, Barrie, Baris, .. 5 more]

Burton 6 .. .. explorer and writer Sir Richard Burton .. Common as surnames. Compare Burton (upper 1%) and common -rton last names Stirton (upper 61%), Egerton (16%). [Bert, Burt, .. 1 more]

Cai 7 .. .. of King Arthur's seneschal, Sir Kay .. Popular as last names, and Cai (upper 5%), Kai (16%) are comparable to popular -ai last names Nai (upper 47%), Mai (2%). [Caio, Caw, .. 1 more]

Cedric 8 .. .. was invented by Sir Walter Scott .. Prominent, with usage of 0.058% for Cedric and variants as baby names in 2014, higher than 0.0573% the year before. [Caddaric, Sedrik, .. 9 more]

Churchill 9 .. .. by English statesman Sir Winston Churchill. Outside Top 1000. [Churchil]

Conan 10 .. .. Sherlock Holmes mysteries Sir Arthur Conan .. Conan (upper 55%), like Noonan (upper 2%), Donan (34%), is a popular -onan suffix last name. [Con, Conant, Conn, .. 1 more]

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Alexander - Conan
Alexander [Xander, Zander, Zandro, Zandros, Saunders, Sikander, ..], Allaster, Ashton [Ash, Aston, Ashtin, Ashtun, Ashford, Assheton], Athelstan, Barry [Baz, Bazz, Baris, Berry, Barrie, Barrington, ..], Burton [Bert, Burt, Burtt], Cai [Kai, Caw, Caio], Cedric [Rick, Ricky, Rickey, Sedric, Sedrik, Sedrick, ..], Churchill [Churchil], Conan [Con, Conn, Connie, Conant]

Douglas - Sacheverell
Douglas [Doug, Dugaid, Douglass], Drake [Draco, Drago, Drakon, Dracon], Eden [Edin, Edyn, Edon, Edun, Eadin, Ednan], Edmund [Ted, Ned, Odon, Teddy, Eumann, Neddie, ..], Everest, Francis [Paco, Pancho, Paquito, Pacorro, Panchito, Proinsias, ..], Gareth [Gaz, Gary, Garth, Garyth, Garret, Garreth], Garnet [Garnett], Geraint [Gerant, Jerant, Jeraint], Goldsmith [Goldshmidt, Goldschmidt], Ivan [Iwan, Ifan, Ivano, Ivanhoe], Kenelm [Kenhelm, Kennelm], Mallory [Malory, Mallery, Mallorie], Marmion [Marmyon, Marmeon, Marmionn], Napier [Neper], Nash, Paul [Pol, Poll, Poul, Pavlo, Pawel, Pavlik, ..], Peel [Peele], Raleigh [Rawly, Ralegh, Rawley, Rawleigh], Sacheverell [Sachie]

Wallace - Winston
Wallace [Wally, Welsh, Walsh, Welch, Wallie, Wallis, ..], Waverley [Waverlee, Waverley], Winston [Win, Winn, Winsten, Wynston, Wynstan, Winstonn]