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Aegeus - Pell

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Aegeus 1 .. The name refers to "aigis", a shield made of goat-skin that was the sign of Zeus, and also occurs as Egidio and Giles .. Rare as a name for baby boys. [Aigeos, .. 1 more]

Blake 2 .. Originally a nickname for someone with hair or skin that was either very dark (Old English "blaec") or very light (Old English "blac") .. The name Blake has gained in popularity as a given name over time. Unisex name. [Blakely, .. 1 more]

Duane 3 .. Most Gaels had brown hair and dark skin coloring that contrasted with the fair hair and pale skin of Norwegian and Swedish invaders .. Both a masculine and a feminine name. Duane is a commonly occurring (Top 18%) given name, occurring regularly (Top 23%) as a surname in the US Census. The forms Dwaine and Dewayne are prevalent as variations of the name. [Dewain, Duante, Duwain, Duwayne, Dwaine, .. 5 more]

Giles 4 .. The name refers to the goat-skin that ancient shields were made of. The name Giles has been on a downward trend in favor as a name for baby boys over time. The variation Gil is commonly used as a form of Giles. [Egide, Egidio, Gide, Gilles, Gilliss, .. 6 more]

Pell 5 .. Root fr. Middle English element. "Skin, parchment." Pell is rarely used as a male name, and it appears frequently (Top 9%) as a last name in the US Census. See also Peale. .. [Pall]

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[Aegeus - Pell]
Aegeus [Aigeos, Aigeus], Blake [Blakely, Blakeman], Duane [Dwain, Duwain, Duante, Dwayne, Duayne, Dwaine, Duwayne, Duwaine, ..], Giles [Gil, Gide, Jyles, Gyles, Jiles, Gillis, Gilles, Gilliss, ..], Pell [Pall]

[Russell - Tanner]
Russell [Russ, Russel, Roussell], Tanner [Tan, Tanier, Tannen, Tanney, Tannis, Tannie, Tannon]