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Alban - Tillman

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Alban 1 .. The first Christian martyr on British soil was Saint Alban (third century), after which a cathedral town (which is also a pilgrimage destination) is named .. Alban is a sparsely used given name, appearing often (Top 18%) as a surname in the US Census. The variation Albin is commonplace as a form of the name. [Al, Alban, Albany, Albin, Albion, .. 13 more]

Tillman 2 .. In agriculture, tilling the soil meant turning and loosening it before it was planted. Usage of Tillman as a baby name has trended downward over time. See also Tilmann. [Tilghman, .. 1 more]

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[Alban - Tillman]
Alban [Alvy, Alby, Albys, Albis, Alvan, Alvin, Auben, Auban, Aubin, Albion, ..], Tillman [Tilman, Tilghman]