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Spirit names and what they mean, for spirit, soul for men. Here is the list of Spirit names for girls. These boy names were at the height of their popularity in 1970-1979 and are almost as popular today, but with names like Ariel, Hoyt and Hugh becoming less fashionable. Damian (#102) and Angel (#67) are two of the more fashionable birth names in this list.

Angel - Chantrey

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Angel 1 .. Biblical: name for the spirit creatures sent by God to men as His messengers .. The name Angel has surged in popularity over the years since 1880-1889. Name suitable for both genders. The form Angelo is commonplace as a version of the name. [Andjelko, Angell, Angie, Anjel, Ohngel, .. 13 more]

Ariel 2 .. Literary: Shakespeare gave this name to a prankish spirit who can disappear at will in "The Tempest" .. A name used for both sexes. Well-known as a birth name for boys (#738 in 2014), and also existing conventionally as a last name. [Aeriel, Airyel, Ari, Arik, .. 8 more]

Blythe 3 .. Made famous by the opening lines of Shelley's poem "To a Skylark", "Hail to thee, blithe spirit!" and Noel Coward's play "Blithe Spirit". Both a masculine and a feminine name. Blythe is intermittently used as a given name, and it occurs regularly (Top 5%) as a surname according to the US Census. [Bligh, .. 1 more]

Calum 4 .. This was popular among early Christians because the dove was a symbol of gentleness, purity, peace, and the Holy Spirit .. Calum is atypical as a masculine name. The variation Callum is generally used as a variant form of this name. [Callum, .. 2 more]

Chantrey 5 .. A chantry, in the Middle Ages, was an endowment of funds to support the singing (chanting) of masses for an individual's soul. Chantrey is intermittently used as a given name. [Chantry]

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[Angel - Chantrey]
Angel [Onjel, Anyoli, Anjelo, Ohngel, Ohnjel, Onnjel, Onjello, Onnjelo, ..], Ariel [Ari, Arie, Arel, Arik, Aryel, Ariell, Aryell, Airyell, ..], Blythe [Bligh, Blithe], Calum [Colm, Colum, Callum], Chantrey [Chantry]

[Damian - Volney]
Damian [Damon, Damyen, Damyan, Damyon, Dayman, Demyan, Daymon, Daymian, ..], Faust [Fausto, Faustus, Faustin, Faustino], Hoyt [Hoyce], Hugh [Ugo, Huw, Huey, Hewe, Hugo, Hugues, Hughie, Hughes], Mahatma, Odilo [Odile, Odilio, Odilon, Otildo, Ottild, Ottildo], Ryu [Ryuu], Spiridon [Spero, Spiro, Spiros, Spyros, Speero, Spyridon, Spiridion], Volney