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Spring names and what they mean, for spring for males. Here is the list of Spring names for girls. These boy names reached the height of their popularity in 1991 and are almost as popular today, but with names like Dennis and Kelby becoming less trendy.

Alvern - Dennis

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Alvern 1 .. Source fr. Latin word. "Spring, greening." Infrequently used as a given name for boys. See also Albern. ..

Atherton 2 .. From Old English element. "Town by the spring." Usage is scant as a name for newborns. Atherton is used more conventionally as a surname. ..

Buxton 3 .. Transferred use of the surname and place name noted for its thermal springs .. Infrequently used as a given name for boys, occurring more conventionally as a surname. See also Burton.

Dathan 4 .. Possibly means "spring" or "fountain" .. Usage is scant as a name for baby boys. See also Lathan.

Dennis 5 .. Mythology: Dionysius is the Greek god of wine, responsible for the growth of the vines in spring and the originator of winemaking .. Dennis has trended downward in popularity as a birth name for boys over the years since 1940-1949. The forms Dion and Dennie are commonly used as versions of Dennis. [Den, Denis, Denney, Denny, Deon, .. 12 more]

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[Alvern - Dennis]
Alvern, Atherton, Buxton, Dathan, Dennis [Dion, Deon, Diot, Dionysus, Dionisio, Dionysius, ..]

[Jarek - Springer]
Jarek, Jaromir, Jaroslav [Jarek, Jaroslaw], Kelby [Kelbey, Kelbie, Kellby], Kell, Kirkwell, Marcus [Marco, Marcas, Markos, Markus], Rockwell, Rothwell, Springer

[Welborne - Welborne]
Welborne [Welborn, Welburn, Wellborn, Wellburn, Wellbourn, Welbourne]