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Abbott - Kyle

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Abbott 1 .. .. served as a straight man to .. Atypical as a given name for baby boys, Abbott is used more often as a surname. The variation Abe is prevalent as a form of the name. [Ab, Abad, Abbe, Abbey, Abbot, .. 6 more]

Kyle 2 .. Stems fr. Gaelic language. "Narrow, straight." Very widely used as a name for newborns (#178 a year ago), and also found often as a last name. Name suited for both men and women. The form Kylan is generally used as a variation of the name. Place name that refers either to .. [Kile, Kye, Kylar, Kyler, .. 4 more]

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[Abbott - Kyle]
Abbott [Abe, Abbe, Abba, Abby, Abot, Abad, Abbie, Abbot, Abott, Abbey], Kyle [Kye, Kile, Kylan, Kiley, Kylar, Kyler, Kylen, Kyrell]