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Strength Names

Page 2/2. 38 Strength names and what they mean, for strength for baby boys, listing 21-38.

Gideon .. Biblical: a hero and judge of Israel who won battles through skillful planning and faith rather than strength of arms alone ..
[Gideone, Gidi, Gidon, Hedeon]

Hercules .. Mythology: the Greek Hercules was a son of Zeus who possessed extraordinary strength ..
[Ercole, Ercolo, Ercule, Herakles, Hercule, .. 1 more]

Hezekiah .. (Hebrew) "God gives strength." ..

Leonard .. (Old German) "Lion strength." ..
[Lee, Len, Lenard, Lenn, Lennard, .. 17 more]

Leonardo .. (Old German, Spanish, Italian) "Lion strength." ..

Maynard .. (Old German) "Brave or hard strength." ..
[Mayne, Maynhard, Maynor, Meinhard, Meinhardt, .. 1 more]

Meinhard .. (German) "Brave or hard strength." ..
[Mainard, Maynard, Meinhardt, Meino]

Michio .. (Japanese) "Man with strength of three thousand."

Orval .. (Old English) "Spear strength." ..

Othniel .. (Hebrew) "God's strength, God's lion."

Oz .. (Hebrew) "Strength."

Samson .. Biblical: a judge of ancient Israel, endowed by God with superhuman strength ..
[Sam, Sampson, Sansom, Sanson, Sansone, .. 1 more]

Trahern .. (Welsh) "Strength of iron." ..
[Trahearn, Trahearne, Traherne]

Uziah .. (Hebrew) "The Lord is my strength." ..

Uziel .. (Hebrew) "Strength, power."
[Uzziah, Uzziel]

Wyatt .. (Old English) "War strength." ..
[Wiatt, Wye, Wyeth]

Yale .. Yael (Israeli) means "God's strength".

Zale .. (Greek) "Sea-strength."

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Strength names: Gideon, Hezekiah, Leonard, Leonardo, Maynard, Orval, Samson, Wyatt

Leonard, Leonardo, Maynard, Orval and Wyatt are commonly used names, while Gideon, Hercules, Hezekiah, Meinhard, Michio, Othniel, Oz, Samson, Trahern, Uziah, Uziel, Yale and Zale are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

Featured categories: beef, determination, endurance, energy, gift, grandeur, power, resistance, security, superiority, virtue, whole.

Lord .. In modern terms, someone with power and authority ..

Reuben .. Also a sandwich with corned beef, sauerkraut, and Swiss cheese ..
[Reuban, Reubin, Reuven, Rouvin, Rube, .. 4 more]

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