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Sword Names

(See: Warrior Names)

15 Sword names and what they mean, for sword for baby boys, listing 1-15. Here is the list of Warrior names for girls.

Blade .. (Old English) "Knife, sword." ..

Brand .. (Old Norse, Old English) "Sword." ..
[Brandell, Brander, Brando, Brandt, Brant, .. 2 more]

Eckhard .. Refers to the point of a sword ..
[Eckard, Eckardt, Eckhardt, Ekkehard, Ekkehardt]

Egbert .. (Old English) "Brilliant sword." From ecg meaning "edge (of a sword)" and beorht meaning "bright, famous" ..
[Ecbert, Eckbert]

Egil .. (Scandinavian, Old Norse) "Sword's edge." ..

Eginhard .. (Old German) "Sword's hard edge." From ecg meaning "edge (of a sword)" and hart meaning "hard".
[Eginard, Eginhardt, Einhard, Einhardt, Enno]

Egon .. (Old German) "Sword's edge." ..

Engelbert .. The first part of the name may be from engel and mean "angel" instead, or ang meaning "point of a sword" ..
[Bert, Berty, Ingelbert, Inglebert]

Faisal .. (Arabic) "Sword." ..
[Faical, Faizal, Faycal, Faysal, Feisal]

Hildebrand .. (Old German) "Battle sword."
[Hildebrandt, Hillebrand]

Melvin .. (Old English) "sword friend" ..
[Malvin, Malvyn, Malvynn, Mel, Melvon, .. 5 more]

Michael .. He was often depicted carrying a flaming sword, and sometimes guarding the gates of Paradise ..
[Maik, Makai, Meical, Micael, Mical, .. 46 more]

Saber .. (French) "Sword." Name of a type of curved sword.
[Sabr, Sabre]

Sedgley .. (Old English) "Sword meadow." ..
[Sedgeley, Sedgely]

Sedgwick .. (Old English) "Sword place." ..
[Sedgewick, Sedgewyck, Sedgwyck]

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Sword names: Egbert, Melvin, Michael

Melvin and Michael are commonly used names, while Blade, Brand, Eckhard, Egbert, Egil, Eginhard, Egon, Engelbert, Faisal, Hildebrand, Saber, Sedgley and Sedgwick are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)


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