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Tall Names

(See: Large Names)

16 Tall names and what they mean, for tall for baby boys, listing 1-16. Here is the list of Large names for girls.

Busby .. A busby is also a tall military hat made of fur, such as those worn by the British soldiers who guard Buckingham Palace ..
[Busbee, Busbey, Busbie, Bussby]

Deodar .. The name of a tall species of cedar, native to India, that is also grown in California and England, where it is sometimes known as the "god tree".

Erez .. The cedar is a tall and strong tree.

Farquhar .. Feachar Fada or Farquhar the Tall was a seventh-century Scottish leader and king.
[Farquharson, Farquar, Farquarson]

Grant .. (English, Gaelic) "Tall, big." ..
[Grantham, Grantley]

Kinnard .. (Irish, Gaelic) "The tall hill." ..

Lang .. (Old Norse) "Tall one."

Langston .. Also possibly "long town" or "tall man's town" ..
[Langsden, Langsdon, Langton]

Langward .. (Old English) "Tall guardian." ..

Largo .. (Spanish) "Tall, long." ..

Linden Nature name: a tall, attractive-looking deciduous tree, also known as a lime tree.
[Lindo, Lindon, Lynden, Lyndon]

Long .. (Old English) "Tall."

Longfellow .. (Old English) "Tall one." ..

Saguaro A type of tall cactus associated with the American Southwest ..

Tamir .. (Hebrew, Arabic) "Erect, tall." ..

Wellington .. Place name with aristocratic connotations due to the famous Duke of Wellington who defeated Napoleon and gave his name to tall, waterproof boots and filet of beef wrapped in pastry.

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Tall names: Grant, Langston, Wellington

Grant and Long are commonly used names, while Busby, Deodar, Erez, Farquhar, Kinnard, Lang, Langston, Langward, Largo, Linden, Longfellow, Saguaro, Tamir and Wellington are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)


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