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Amarillo - Laredo

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Amarillo 1 .. Place name: a city in Texas .. Atypical as a name for boys.

Austin 2 .. In America, the name carries Western association due to Stephen Austin, a frontiersman and one of the founders of the Republic of Texas .. Austin is a conventional (Top 25%) men's name, and it appears often (Top 1%) as a surname in the US Census. The variation Austen is generally used as a form of Austin. [Austen, Ostin, Ostynn, .. 2 more]

Dallas 3 .. Also the name of the Texas city. Very well-received as a name for boys (#268 the past year), Dallas is also found often as a last name. Name suited for both genders. [Dal, Dalles, Delles, .. 1 more]

Houston 4 .. The name's association with the American West is due to the Texan general Sam Houston and the city of Texas that uses his name. Houston has decreased in favor as a name for boys over the years since 1890-1899. See also Houghton. [Hewson, Huston, Hutchinson, .. 1 more]

Laredo 5 Place name: a city in Texas, on the Rio Grande .. Atypical as a name for babies, Laredo occurs more often as a last name.

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Amarillo, Austin [Ostyn, Ostin, Austen, Austyn, Ostynn], Dallas [Dal, Dalles, Dallis, Delles], Houston [Hewson, Huston, Hutcheson, Hutchinson], Laredo

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Rio [Reo]