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Amarillo - Rio

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Amarillo 1 .. a city in Texas. The name .. Not Top 1000 name.

Austin 2 .. .. founders of the Republic of Texas .. Prominent. Austin, Ostin (cf. Westin, Faustin) use the popular androgynous-sounding -stin suffix. [Austen, Austyn, .. 3 more]

Dallas 3 .. .. the name of the Texas city. Dallas, Dallis (cf. Daller, Dallin) are popular Dall- prefix last names. [Dal, .. 3 more]

Houston 4 .. .. the city of Texas that uses .. Hewson and forms peaked in popularity during 1880-1889 and are less popular today, with Houston becoming less stylish. [Hewson, Huston, .. 2 more]

Laredo 5 A city in Texas, on the .. Laredo (upper 20%), like Larez (upper 22%), Larro (92%), is a common Lar- prefix last name.

Rio 6 .. .. boundary river between Texas and Mexico .. Rio and Reo are rare as baby names. [Reo]

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Amarillo - Rio
Amarillo, Austin [Ostyn, Ostin, Austen, Austyn, Ostynn], Dallas [Dal, Dalles, Dallis, Delles], Houston [Hewson, Huston, Hutcheson, Hutchinson], Laredo, Rio [Reo]