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Thorn Names for boys

5 Thorn names and what they mean, for thorn for baby boys, listing 1-5.

Androcles .. Latin mythology: Androcles was a Christian and a mild-mannered slave who once removed a thorn from a lion's paw ..

Jerome .. He is often portrayed with a lion, from the legend that he removed a thorn from the lion's pad and won the beast's lifelong loyalty ..
[Gerome, Geronimo, Gerrie, Gerry, Hierome, .. 15 more]

Thorley .. (Old English) "Thorn meadow." ..

Thorne .. (Old English) "Thorn bush." ..

Thornton .. (Old English) "Thorn-bush settlement." ..

Top 1000 baby names ranking of Thorn names: Jerome, Thornton

Jerome is a commonly used name, while Androcles, Thorley, Thorne and Thornton are rare in comparison. (2000 U.S. Census)

Featured categories: cross, death, destruction, plague, point, trouble.

Ephraim .. Biblical: one of Joseph's sons by his Egyptian wife Asenath, so named: "For God hath caused me to be fruitful in the land of my affliction" ..
[Efraim, Efrain, Efrayim, Efrem, Efrim, .. 10 more]

Bram .. (Scottish, Irish, Gaelic) "Bramble." ..
[Bramm, Bran, Brann]

Burr .. (Old English) "Bristle." ..

Amasa .. (Hebrew) "Burden." ..

Aaron .. American Vice President Aaron Burr ..
[Aaran, Aaren, Aarin, Aaro, Aaronas, .. 32 more]

Saguaro A type of tall cactus associated with the American Southwest ..

Andrew .. The "Saint Andrew's Cross", representing Scotland, appears on the flag of the United Kingdom ..
[Adem, Aindrea, Aindreas, Analu, Anders, .. 44 more]

Alexander .. Alexander the Great (356-323 BC) conquered and ruled the greater part of the known world before his death at the age of 33 ..
[Al, Alasdair, Alastair, Alaster, Alaxander, .. 65 more]

Bram .. The raven has historically stood for death and destruction ..
[Bramm, Bran, Brann]

Hashim .. (Arabic) "Crusher of evil."
[Hasheem, Hisham]

Fingal .. Anglicized form of Fionnghall, derived from "fionn" and "gall" ..
[Fin, Fingall, Finn, Fionghall]

Pesach .. The Hebrew name for the holiday of Passover, which celebrates the fact that Jehovah spared the Israelites in a plague that killed many Egyptians.

Achilles .. She held him, however, by the heel, which was thus his one weak point: hence "Achilles' heel" ..
[Achill, Achille, Achillea, Achilleo, Achilleus, .. 10 more]

Quiller .. A quiller could have been a scribe, or someone who wrote with a quill pen.

Attila .. He was also known as "the scourge of God".
[Atila, Atilano, Atilo, Attilia, Attilio]


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